The new-and-improved Reverse Logistics Association ‘2.0’ Conference and Expo took place last week and B-Stock had the opportunity to meet with retailers, manufacturers, vendors, and other service providers. In addition to networking, there were a multitude of industry experts who shared their experiences in the field of reverse logistics, as well as the growing impact of consumer returns and excess inventory.

Fun Fact: There are now over 130,000 professionals on LinkedIn with ‘reverse logistics’ in their title. It’s a small number for now, but it’s quickly growing as consumer returns continue to increase.   

Much of this year’s conference focused on the continuing growth of e-commerce and return rates. Currently, e-commerce represents only 10% of total retail sales; but with a 30% return rate. But what happens when e-commerce reaches 30% of total retail while the percentage of returns also increases? Companies need to implement a reverse logistics process as part of their overall business model to thrive in this ever-changing, consumer-oriented environment.

Over the next few weeks B-Stock will publish a series of blog posts aimed at the future of e-commerce and the implications of ever-increasing return rates. Featured topics will include:

  • 5G & AI technology will play a role in reverse logistics learn how this new role can help retailers communicate with their customers and how AI and data analysis can help companies forecast returns
  • Discover best practices from both a major appliance retailer and a major appliance manufacturer on brand protection, velocity, and how the Internet of Things will have an impact on appliance returns
  • Intentional returns in the apparel industry are running rampant learn how to combat this trend
  • Collecting customer feedback is valuable data but consumers aren’t always truthful, learn how to collect honest feedback

We’ll also take a look at:

  • Equity investments – hear from B-Stock’s CEO and founder, Howard Rosenberg on how investment money can propel a small company into a very big company
  • The CTIA has published Universal Grading & Scales Conditions in collaboration with leading mobile retailers and OEMs
  • Go behind-the-scenes of the mobile phone secondary market – how, why, and where phones are entering the secondary market

If you’re interested in more industry insights and keeping up to date with B-Stock, get in touch with us today.

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