You have a warehouse full of bulk apparel to unload and aren’t sure how to go about it. Whether it’s last season’s fashions, returned merchandise, or colors and sizes that just don’t move, you need it out fast — and for the best return possible.
Sure, you could throw these items in a clearance bin and hope they move, but that could devalue your brand and will likely take a long time to resolve. You could just dump the clothing, resigning it to a landfill somewhere, but that’s not good for the environment and doesn’t give you any return on your investment. What’s a retailer to do?

Time to Liquidate Your Bulk Apparel

Online liquidation auctions are the perfect answer to this conundrum. It’s an efficient way to unload excess bulk apparel inventory into the secondary market. You upload a manifest, set a starting bid, and let buyers compete for your unsellable inventory.

One of the best things about this process is that rather than unloading one item at a time, you can clear out vast quantities of bulk apparel inventory all at once. When you sell by pallet or truckload, you’ll move a lot of unwanted merchandise quickly.

Small businesses are just waiting to get their hands on your excess inventory, which they’ll then turn around and sell on the secondary market. And the competitive nature of the auction format ensures that you’ll get the best possible price for your excess goods. It’s truly a win-win solution: you recoup some of the costs of this dead stock inventory, keep your brand out of landfills, and buyers get a good deal on bulk goods they can then resell online or in their own stores.

B-Stock: Your Trusted Partner

This liquidation process sounds simple, right? With the right partner, it can be.

The truth is, the liquidations market can be just as complex as your primary market. The best way to navigate this new marketplace is to team up with a company that knows it well. Let B-Stock be your trusted partner in the liquidation process.
B-Stock has been in the online liquidation market for more than a decade. In that time, we’ve amassed a great deal of knowledge about auction strategy and how to get the best return on investment for your excess goods.

We work with small businesses that only need to liquidate a pallet or two at a time. We also serve enterprise sellers like Fortune 1000 retailers, manufacturers, and distributors with customized solutions designed to move bulk inventory quickly. No matter how much bulk apparel you’re sitting on, we can help you move it along, recouping costs and freeing up warehouse space for more profitable goods that will better serve your customers.

Since we’ve been in the liquidation business for so long, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you make the most of your liquidation auctions. Unlike other marketplaces, we’ll take the time to strategize with your brand. We’ll help you learn how to organize inventory, auction strategy, best practices, and everything else you need to offload bulk apparel inventory successfully.

Our buyers are fully vetted and have to prove their business credentials before we give them access to your auctions. We have tried and proven data-driven auction strategies to help you get a substantially higher recovery than our competitors. And for enterprise-level liquidators, we’ll even help you set up your own branded marketplace that is both private and customized to suit your business needs.

So what are you waiting for? Request a B-Stock demo today and learn all the ways our auction marketplace can benefit your business.

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