We’re proud to announce our Grade A Award winners for Q3 2020! These individuals were nominated by their peers in the categories of:

Core Values: nominees must demonstrate behavior, actions, and attitude that exemplify honesty & integrity, intelligence & curiosity, humor, hard work, respect for others, respect for data, cooperation/teamwork, patience and persistence, passion for building something great, and frugality.

Internal Business Partner: nominees are recognized as going “above and beyond” with their dedication, collaboration, teamwork, and encouragement of others.

So, who took the crowns for Q3 2020? Helen Foutch and Erik Barr!

Grade A Award winner: Helen Foutch

Junior Web Developer

Category: Core Values. What her nominator said:

“Helen is the definition of hard work. Anyone who works with her would be able to tell you how insanely efficient and accurate she is when executing service tickets. In fact, I recently wrote half a ticket and she guessed what I was going to say and finished it before I could write the rest!

Sometimes multiple adjustments are required by the client after the work has been completed, and Helen works with them as long as needed to address their concerns. How is this possible? Is she a robot?

I recently had the opportunity to see Helen in a new setting – B-Stock Book Club. She was thoughtful and kind; understanding of others’ ideas while providing her own. We were all able to see another side of this very special B-Stock employee.”

Grade A Award winner: Erik Barr

Auction Listings Technician

Category: Internal Business Partner. What his nominator said:

“Over the years, I’ve worked with Erik only if the work is unconventional, challenging, and very high stakes. Each time, he’s pulled off heroic acts to ensure that our marketplaces and auctions go live and on time. He consistently works through very difficult problems to find solutions that will allow for automation and scale. Most recently, he volunteered to take on work over a holiday weekend (despite saying he couldn’t work past 6:30 pm on a Friday!).

I’ve always enjoyed working with Erik as he is highly collaborative, comes up with great ideas, and also possesses a great sense of humor that can be a bright spot when working through complicated problems. He is an immense talent that I have complete trust in at all times.

Erik is a fantastic asset for B-Stock. He always goes above and beyond for the clients while handling some of the most complex marketplaces with ease and thoughtfulness that provide clients with exemplary service. He creates honest and creative listing language to be transparent and accurate for our buyers and clients. He also learns quickly, and you can always count on him to be on top of things.

Being a good communicator is an important aspect of his role, and he is a great communicator! His feedback is an invaluable resource on any project, and some of our largest clients have benefited greatly from his involvement. I could go on, but the last thing I’ll say is that apart from all the reasons listed above, Erik has a wicked sharp wit and a winning demeanor that makes him really fun to work with. When I grow up, I want to be like him.”


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