We’re proud to announce our Grade A Award winners for Q2 2020! These individuals were nominated by their peers in the categories of:

Core Values: nominees must demonstrate behavior, actions, and attitude that exemplify honesty & integrity, intelligence & curiosity, humor, hard work, respect for others, respect for data, cooperation/teamwork, patience and persistence, passion for building something great, and frugality.

Internal Business Partner: nominees are recognized as going “above and beyond” with their dedication, collaboration, teamwork, and encouragement of others.

With that said, meet B-Stock’s two winners for Q2: Christy Holley and Joe Dube!

Grade A Award winner: Christy Holley

Auction Listings Technician

Winner: Core Values category. What her nominator said:

“I’m nominating Christy Holley for the Q2 Grade A Award based on:

  • Her consistency with demonstrating the highest level of effective teamwork skills
  • Going above and beyond to ensure solid cooperation across teams
  • Displaying a professional demeanor and respect for others (including written communication with client business partners)

Christy has supported the surge of listings for one of our key clients by being an invaluable business partner and pivoting many listings processes to help drive the current sales volume. Listings for this client increased from 47 auctions in March to 328 in April, to 373 in May, to nearly 500 in June!

This client has shifted auctions and listings strategies many times based on business trends, mediations feedback, buyers’ feedback, condition revisions, adjusted targets, and the addition of inventory from new locations. Christy does not hesitate to ask for additional information from the client to ensure the auctions are listed with accuracy and to manage the buyers’ expectations. She has handled all of these rapid changes with a “can do” positive attitude, earning a high level of respect from the client’s leadership team.

Christy’s other accomplishments in the fashion vertical include managing listing processes for two other top brands, enabling their success. As a result, we’ve used these metrics as a reference to acquire the business of another top industry brand and have launched their private marketplace.

Christy is a very hard worker and she truly demonstrates what cooperation, teamwork, and respect for others really mean here at B-Stock on a daily basis!”

Grade A Award winner: Joe Dube

Mobile Strategy Manager

Winner: Internal Business Partner category. What his nominator said:

“I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Joe Dube on various projects including: a quarterly Mobile Digest, webinars, how-to videos, and data pulls for PR and marketing-related initiatives. Let me first say, Joe is the king of mobile data(!): want to know how well the iPhone X is performing? Joe can provide a full stack of charts and commentary. On many occasions I’ve requested data from him for a project I’m working on (in some cases, a quick turnaround); he’s never once failed to deliver compelling numbers/data. Because of this, I’ve been able to secure interest from very high-profile publications and analysts.

Most recently, we worked on a few webinars together. These can be time consuming to put together, given all the content and rehearsals required. Joe delivered every time: he showed up ready to rehearse, had data prepared, and needed very little coaching.

Our most recent webinar was particularly sensitive as it covered the Covid-19 impact on the mobile secondary market. We scheduled multiple meetings leading up to the webinar; Joe took great care pulling data and preparing to speak to it. We did an early morning broadcast to accommodate Europe and an afternoon broadcast for US folks. As expected, Joe killed it on both broadcasts. He was professional and personable, and a true expert. What’s more, we had nearly 300 registrants (a B-Stock record!) and were able to engage—and re-engage—with new and existing customers.

Joe epitomizes what it is to be an Internal Business Partner and a Grade A Award winner. I have always been able to depend on him to deliver what I need or collaborate on projects.”

If you’re interested in joining this dynamic team of Grade A talent, please check out our careers page for current openings!

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