The French government recently passed a law that will require retailers and manufacturers to donate, reuse, or recycle unsold goods. This new law, which goes into effect 2023, will have a deep impact on the current practice of destroying unsold consumer products—a practice that currently results in the disposal of new goods worth 800 million euros or more than $900 million each year. The French government is claiming this bill the first of its kind.

For French retailers and manufacturers, eliminating the practice of destroying unsold product will require a new solution. This should include looking to the secondary market as a viable recommerce channel to repurpose goods. A B2B marketplace platform, like the the one B-Stock offers, is one option.

Here’s how it works…

Benefits to partnering with B-Stock

B-Stock currently operates the world’s largest network of B2B liquidation marketplaces where top retailers auction off unsold merchandise through a transparent bidding system to qualified business buyers. For retailers, this provides several opportunities:

  • Clear warehouse space
  • Keep supply lines moving
  • Increase pricing on excess goods (vs. traditional methods)
  • Supports the circular economy
  • Create a positive social message

B-Stock’s network effect

When retailers partner with B-Stock, we provide a private, branded marketplace for you to list auctions for sale to a network of professional buyers that range from online resellers to resale stores to exporters. When a retailer launches a private marketplace, it can immediately take advantage of B-Stock’s existing buyer base. Read more on how our buyer network operates.

A marketplace for everyone

B-Stock’s buyer network consists of resellers that focus on apparel, consumer electronics, mobile devices, and consumer packaged goods, such as health and beauty items. No matter what you need to resell, we have a buyer base interested in purchasing your goods. We invite you to check out our existing marketplaces, operated by the world’s top retailers, plus hundreds more. Visit our Marketplace Network.

Learn how to sell through B-Stock

Selling through B-Stock is fast and easy and our Account Managers will guide you through every step of the way. To get started, check out our How to Sell page and then request a demo.

We also invite you to review our case studies showing how other retailers are successfully increasing revenue through the sale of returned and overstock merchandise.

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