The Challenge:

A Fortune 500 retailer had been working with B-Stock to sell its returned and excess inventory via a private B2B liquidation marketplace. As pricing and buyer engagement on these mixed lots leveled out, it was clear a new strategy to increase bidding and recovery was needed.

The Solution:

To increase buyer engagement and drive up pricing, B-Stock’s team of marketplace experts recommended that the retailer implement specific sorting strategies identified by analyzing data from across the B-Stock Network. After analyzing historical data and buyer behavior, the following categories were optimized:

  • Electronics: headphones, sound bars and portable devices
  • Seasonal Items: items timed to travel season, like luggage
  • General Merchandise: nonperishable food and cleaning products

The Results:

Once the additional category-specific lots became available, buyer engagement with the site increased, causing recovery rates to jump significantly. Electronics lots and seasonal items both increased by 50% or more, and general merchandise lots experiences massive price jump of 155%.

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