Happy Earth Day! With over 190 countries planning efforts to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, environmental consciousness and a commitment to sustainability will span the globe this year. When it comes to retail, it’s clear that secondhand and sustainability are on the minds of conscious consumers and retailers. And, as we shift from the traditional take-make-waste model to sustainable shopping, a greener, more circular, approach to goods has never been more popular. 

At B-Stock, we think every day is Earth Day! We’re proud to partner with our buyers and sellers to support zero waste initiatives and a more circular economy.

How liquidation inventory helps the planet

Together, with our buyers and sellers, we’ve been able to play a large part in the reuse, resale circular economy. In fact, in 2019 alone we helped 78 million items find a second life through 177,000 transactions. But that’s not all; here are some other environmentally-friendly B-Stock stats:

A big kudos to our buyers! By purchasing liquidation inventory through B-Stock, you’ve saved millions of pounds of merchandise from being destroyed or dumped in a landfill. With the rise of resale and secondhand, buying and reselling returned, excess or other liquidation inventory has never been more lucrative or in-demand. 

Ready to start or grow your small business and feel good about it? Start shopping bulk lots of liquidation inventory across dozens of B-Stock categories. 

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