Wholesale Cell Phone Inventory Liquidation

We are very excited to announce the launch of BStockMobile.com in the B-Stock Sourcing Network!

bstockmobile cell phone inventory

BStockMobile is a new inventory liquidation marketplace focused on mobile device and cell phone liquidation. The single seller in the marketplace is the world’s number one trade-in operator and redistributor of carrier-grade mobile devices. In May 2013 this seller set a new industry record for cell phone collections in a single month with more than 1.1 million secure wireless device trade-ins.

This marketplace is offering a wide variety of mobile devices in mixed conditions that have come in via these trade-in programs.  A few sample listings can be seen below: 

Screenshot 2013-11-21 09.02.18

Visit this new liquidation site and take a look, and be sure to register to participate.

The B-Stock Solutions Team