• Consolidated three returns warehouses to one
  • Reduced inventory cycle from 40 days to 17
  • 8,000+ new buyers


As part of its restructuring efforts, a leading integrated retailer needed to consolidate three returns warehouses to one. With pressure mounting to move liquidation inventory fast while protecting recovery, the retailer’s reverse logistics team turned to B-Stock with the following goals:

  • Generate a consistent flow of inventory and cash
  • Reduce the inventory sales cycle
  • Increase demand for specific product categories: shoes, electronics, pantry, etc.
  • Help support returns-center consolidation goals


B-Stock launched a technology-driven, private B2B liquidation marketplace platform, enabling thousands of approved business buyers—interested in products across all categories—to bid directly on merchandise via online auctions. This immediately eliminated dependence on a small group of buyers. What’s more, the auctions generated competition, driving up pricing. Auction and demand-generation strategies were applied to help drive demand.


Since launching its B2B marketplace, the retailer increased its buyer base from around 25 to over 8,000, including adding thousands of category-specific buyers via targeted demand generation campaigns. The automated auction process allowed the retailer to sell large volumes of merchandise quickly and effectively: the inventory cycle was reduced from ~40 days to ~17 and the warehouses are no longer over capacity.

Weekly reporting sessions with B-Stock’s account managers to review data and marketplace activity have allowed the retailer to adjust to the ever-changing secondary market landscape and implement new strategies.

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