Emma Sleep is one of Europe’s fastest-growing sleep innovation companies. The company was founded in Frankfurt, Germany in 2015. Since then, they have expanded to 21 countries on 5 continents. This successful box-delivery mattress company is also a Premium Seller on B-Stock Supply Europe!

B-Stock Supply Europe is where businesses sell their excess and overstock inventory to other businesses. As a buyer, it’s perfect for sourcing products at prices low enough to resell for a great profit on eBay, Amazon, or in-person. Buyers can bid on Emma Sleep overstock and returns on Supply Europe.

In this article, we go into more detail about this Premium Supply Seller, plus:

  • Overview of Emma Sleep auctions
  • What makes Emma Sleep inventory valuable
  • How to buy Emma Sleep overstock and returned mattresses
  • Tips for reselling liquidation mattresses

Emma Sleep: Premium B-Stock Supply Seller

Featured auctions are available for approved B2B buyers to bid on new condition mattresses and accessories. This includes primarily overstock and customer returns in categories like home living and furniture. For UK buyers looking for excess or surplus stock, liquidated goods, ex-catalouge furniture, and other unsold inventory, Emma Sleep should be on your radar.

Inventory type includes:

  • Mattresses (Full, Queen, Cal King, King)
  • Mattress toppers
  • Pillows
  • Frames

Resellers and sole traders then acquire this inventory to introduce into the secondary market, all while offering their customers a good deal and profiting along the way. Let’s go over why you should be interested in this type of inventory and how to start buying Emma Sleep liquidation.

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What makes Emma Sleep inventory valuable?

Replacement purchases

Mattresses need replacement just like any appliance or winter coat would. According to the Sleep Foundation, mattresses have a seven-year lifespan. The best part is that they will always be considered an essential purchase! Your resale business has the opportunity to capture the eyes of online shoppers looking to snag a deal on their next mattress replacement purchase.

Price tag

Let’s talk retail price per unit. When you purchase overstock mattresses or excess liquidation inventory in general, you are spending far less per unit because you are purchasing in bulk. One full-priced mattress could easily be €600-€660. Now imagine a half truckload of 200 mattresses. If you did the math, you know that’s an estimated retail cost of ​​nearly €129,000! Now with auction start prices as low as €1,000 coming into play, that’s a lot of merchandise at a mere fraction of the cost! When you go on to resell your individual goods closer to RRP, you’re making quite the profit.

How to buy Emma Sleep overstock and returned mattresses

VAT requirement

All buyers must be registered as a business and provide a VAT identification number. VAT stands for value-added tax and lets you buy liquidation pallets tax-free, with the expectation that you charge this tax to your customers when an item sells.

How items are sold

European buyers can browse auctions that interest them and place bids based on the retail value of the goods. The most important auction details will be listed in the auction title. For example, the title “Half Truckload of Mattresses, 111 Pieces, New Condition, Est. Original Retail €49,550, Minden-Lübbecke, DE” tells you the shipment type, inventory type, quantity, condition, estimated retail, and where it’s coming from.

Browse Live Auctions

Filters on Supply EU

Filters allow you to sort through auctions that meet your criteria. You can search by Categories, Currency, Condition, Shipment Type, Country, Inventory Type, and Cosmetic Condition. We’ll break down the importance of a few of these filters below.


Since Emma Sleep lists auctions based out of the US, as well as EU countries, you will see auctions with different currencies. Be sure to select which currency applies to you in order to avoid any confusion. You may choose between:

  • Euro
  • US Dollar

For Emma Sleep inventory listed out of the US, check B-Stock Supply.

Listing location

The number of miles your lot has to travel to get to you directly impacts the cost of shipping. That’s why shipment size and location are important considerations for determining the best auction for you. Emma Sleep currently ships inventory out from the following location:

  • Minden-Lübbecke DE

Shipment type

Emma Sleep has lot sizes that range from half truckload to less than half truckload. Pallet sizes measure at 95 x 48 x 71 cm. A truckload has 24 pallets and an LTL auction (less than truckload) has a max of 11 pallets per each truckload (TL).

  • Less than half truckload – 12 and fewer pallets
  • Half truckload – 12-16 pallets
  • Truckload – 21-32 pallets

Note: 12 and 21 are UK sizes; 16 and 32 are EU sizes.

Remember, furniture inventory is often bulky, and some items may be on other pallets or separated! Emma Sleep’s inventory will be palletised and roll-packed, this means the mattress will be rolled and vacuum-packed and fit into a box.

emma sleep overstock


Emma Sleep follows the same uniform product and packaging conditions as most B-Stock Supply sellers. This gives interested buyers peace of mind when bidding and securing inventory on B-Stock’s liquidation marketplaces. Here is a brief summary of Emma Sleep’s product conditions:

  • New Condition – Unsold merchandise with no signs of use, also known as overstock.
  • Like New Condition – Unsold merchandise with minimal signs of handling.
  • Used – Good Condition – Merchandise with signs of use from handling and/or customer exposure that is sellable without repairs needed.
  • Used – Fair Condition – Merchandise with heavy signs of use from handling and/or customer exposure that is likely in need of repair prior to resale.
  • Salvage Condition – Merchandise requiring significant repairs prior to resale or else will be used for parts/components only.

Check the manifest

With the help of the manifest, interested buyers can sort directly on the manifest page to see the most valuable items in an auction lot. Alternatively, you can download the manifest and work directly in an Excel file to do your profit calculations. You should take into account the number of units, RRP, and shipping costs.

Tips for reselling liquidation mattresses

Think through storage

Storing mattresses takes a good amount of physical space. More than just a handful of these can be overwhelming if you don’t have the storage or warehouse space to accommodate your inventory. If you are just seeking overstock in its original packaging, you will have an easier time moving, stacking, and storing boxes over a customer-returned mattress.


Don’t forget that inventory that is heavy and bulky will cost more to ship. (And you still have to take mileage into account!) Furniture buyers should also have the appropriate equipment to unload their inventory, such as a liftgate. If you’re looking for inventory that is easier to ship and mail out to customers, then you may want to pursue other inventory types.

Highlight any strong selling points

Emma Sleep mattresses have some notable features like temperature regulating materials, seven-zone dynamic support, and machine-washable covers. Highlight selling points such as these in your product descriptions or listing titles when you’re reselling Emma Sleep returns. Or any returns for that matter!

Start buying Emma Sleep returns today!

Emma Sleep overstock and customer returns are an exciting opportunity for your resale business. European buyers get access to high-quality home living and furniture inventory at prices far below RRP. Simply register on the B-Stock Supply Europe marketplace to bid on premium seller auctions and also check out other sellers across the EU and UK!


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B-Stock Editorial Team

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Amberly Bliss, Owner

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