Great news for appliance wholesale buyers. Best Buy sells bulk quantities of customer-returned and overstock appliances including stoves, washers/dryers, refrigerators, and dishwashers on its Best Buy Liquidation Auctions marketplace. Additionally, consumer electronics wholesale buyers now have greater access to TVs, home audio, Apple accessories, and other unsorted consumer returns via B-Stock Supply, a B2B marketplace where you can buy excess inventory.

First, we will cover what type of inventory you can expect on Best Buy Liquidation Auctions. Then we go over what benefits this type of inventory can have on your business, and most importantly, how to source Best Buy returns and other liquidation appliances with ease!

Best Buy Liquidation Auctions

Because Best Buy returns are typically a pretty easy process, the store deals with countless returns every year. Fortunately for the secondary market, most of these returns are never placed back on the shelves either because warehouse space is too precious or retailers want to make way for new inventory. As a result, returns end up in liquidation auctions on sites like B-Stock.

Most Best Buy B-Stock liquidation auctions are either full truckloads of merchandise or LTL (less than truckload) lots. They include products in a variety of conditions, including:

  • Used – Good
  • Used – Fair
  • Salvage
  • Scratch and Dent, tested or assumed working

Best Buy liquidations feature trusted name brands such as LG, GE, Samsung, Shark, and Whirlpool. The products most commonly liquidated from Best Buy are both large and small appliances. You’ll find kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, ranges, and dishwashers. Laundry appliances like washers and dryers are very popular too. There are also typically lots featuring mixed appliances or even just mixed small appliances like vacuums and air conditioners.

Benefits for Business Buyers

If this is a new category for you, you’re in luck. There are huge benefits to buying Best Buy returns and other liquidation appliances. Let’s jump right in.

Firstly, excess appliances and returns are a pretty hot commodity. Consider this: 80% of appliance purchases are replacement purchases. This means shoppers are looking for a unit to bring home fast, usually in the next 24-48 hours. With access to the inventory shoppers are looking for, you can make numerous sales.

Secondly, it’s not uncommon for customer returned units to still be fully functional. They could have been returned because of minor cosmetic damage that happened during delivery, or because the unit is the wrong color, size, too noisy, etc.

Tips for Buying Liquidation Appliances

There are a few important things to keep in mind when sourcing this kind of inventory. Here is a brief overview:

  1. If you have the ability to make repairs internally, do it. You’re already getting the returned appliances at a deep discount, if you can fix up a leaky washer here and a rattling dryer there, you can turn a higher profit.
  2. Think about what will sell better in your market. When it comes to gas versus electric appliances, gas models will generate higher pricing in certain geographic areas.
  3. Always research how much more profit you will make from reselling premium brands compared to the more economical brands.

These are a good set of tips to start sourcing with, but you should be prepared with reselling tips for appliance liquidation inventory as well.

Source Liquidation Appliances & Other Electronics on B-Stock

You can find other great liquidation appliances and electronics on B-Stock as well. Buyers have access to appliances from some of the largest appliance retailers, where multiple brands are offered all in one place. Marketplaces include Walmart Auction Liquidations, Lowe’s Liquidation, and The Home Depot Liquidation Auctions.

Note: You will have to register to each electronic liquidation and appliance liquidation marketplace separately. The reason for that being every company has its own registration approval requirements!

Let’s break down a few other top marketplaces below:

Walmart Auction Liquidations

The official liquidation marketplace for Walmart featuring bulk quantities of customer-returned and overstock merchandise across multiple categories including consumer electronics and appliances.

Sears Overstock Auctions

The official liquidation channel for Sears/ K-Mart offers bulk quantities of categories like small appliances, home & garden, hardware, and more.

Lowe’s Liquidation

The official B2B marketplace for the liquidation division of Lowe’s. This site offers brand-name appliances at a fraction of Lowe’s already-low retail price.

The Home Depot Liquidation Auctions

The official liquidation marketplace for The Home Depot where you can bid on customer-returned and overstock tools, small appliances, doors, windows, flooring, hardware, kitchen, lighting, and plumbing. Lots come in a variety of sizes.

Register now on B-Stock Supply for free if you don’t yet have an account. You can also check out our full breakdown of this category in A Guide to Buying Liquidation Appliances. Happy sourcing and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.


Editorial Team


B-Stock Editorial Team

Amberly Bliss, Owner

Amberly Bliss, Owner

Retail Deals

"I feel so confident shopping and bidding on items knowing that I am going to get what I paid for. And if not, there’s a killer customer service team that’s going to make sure everything’s alright in the end. That’s huge. It’s hard to take that risk when you’re first starting out."

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