Great news for appliance wholesale buyers. Best Buy is now selling bulk quantities of customer-returned and overstock appliances including: stoves, washers/dryers, refrigerators, and dishwashers on its Best Buy Liquidation Auctions marketplace. Additionally, consumer electronics wholesale buyers now have greater access to TV’s, home audio, Apple accessories and other unsorted consumer returns via B-Stock Supply, a B2B marketplace where you can buy excess inventory.

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Also, don’t forget to get registered at our other electronic liquidation and appliance liquidation marketplaces (each is run for a different company with their own registration approval requirements, so you have to register separately at each one):

Walmart Auction Liquidations – the official liquidation marketplace for Walmart featuring bulk quantities of customer-returned and overstock merchandise across multiple categories including consumer electronics and appliances.

Lowe’s Liquidation – the official B2B marketplace for the liquidation division of Lowe’s. This site offers brand-name appliances at a fraction of Lowe’s already-low retail price.

Frigidaire Liquidation – offers bulk quantities of scratch & dent appliances from major brands

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