The explosion of cell phone buyback and trade-in programs have created an influx of secondhand devices available on the market. Historically, wireless retailers, manufacturers, or cell phone buyback companies have either sold these devices to wholesale dealers overseas, direct to U.S. consumers, or to one or two liquidators stateside. Over the past couple years however, a shift has taken place: as a compliment to their already existing programs, many companies – Gazelle and GameStop are two examples – are launching customized business-to-business online auction marketplaces that connect bulk quantities of trade-in devices directly to buyers; the result is a new and level playing field for wireless dealers, big and small, to obtain the inventory.

If you are a wireless retailer who purchases previously traded in devices from a third party liquidator or if you’ve been thinking about leveraging a buyback program to source inventory, there has never been a better opportunity for you to cut out the middleman and purchase directly from the source.

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