B-Stock provides retailers and manufacturers—both SMB and Enterprise—a modern liquidation approach to offset the cost impact of returned and overstock items. This includes an online marketplace platform that enables a direct sales channel between retailers/sellers and business buyers interested in bulk quantities of excess stock. Nine of the top 10 U.S. retailers among hundreds of SMB retailers are using our platform to sell merchandise across all product categories, conditions, and quantities. There truly is a secondary market buyer base for everything! Keep in mind, all our buyers are valid resellers that have been sought out, vetted, and approved by B-Stock.

Read on for a look at some hot categories being sold across B-Stock’s network of retailer marketplaces, including our multi-seller marketplace B-Stock Supply.


One of our largest categories: on any given day, the world’s largest appliance retailers and manufacturers are posting pallets of refrigerators, stove tops, dishwashers, air compressors, fabric steamers, vacuum cleaners, waffle makers and coffee makers. B-Stock’s appliance buyers include many scratch & dent resellers, such as Camden Appliances.


Automotive boasts one of the highest return rates; it’s also a popular category across our marketplaces. We have a robust base of buyers looking for parts, speakers, stereos, seat covers and other auto-related merchandise.

Books, Music and Movies

Not everything has gone digital, at least, not yet. Kids still love holding books and turning the pages. If you’re a retailer with excess activity books, DVDs, Blu-Rays, or music, then B-Stock has buyers lined up for you.

Cell Phones

Cell phones and wireless devices are exploding right now on the mobile secondary market. We currently operate 10 marketplaces dedicated to trade-in and refurbished devices, including two of the nation’s largest wireless carriers. Our global base of heavily-vetted mobile buyers are interested in devices across all makes, models, and conditions. Have specific buyer needs, like those that are R2 certified or located outside of the U.S.? We’ve got you covered.

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