The B-Stock blog does not make a habit of quoting the Urban Dictionary, but in this case, we’ll make an exception. The proper use of beast mode is, “Dude, you’re not gonna sleep for a week? You are in beast mode.” This phrase aptly describes our HR Manager, Sierra Smith, who has been in beast mode for over a year now hiring new employees across the country to fill positions in the San Francisco Bay Area, Boston, Salt Lake City, and Orlando.

In 2017, we hired 36 full time employees (a record for B-Stock or so we thought); now, at just about halfway through 2018, we’ve brought on 34 more employees and show no signs of slowing down. One of our more recent hires is working closely with Sierra to help support recruiting/hiring efforts. His name is Kofi Akoto, a recent college graduate from University of Arizona (go Wildcats!).

“Kofi has already proven to be a tremendous teamplayer here at B-Stock and he’s been instrumental in finding new, talented, and friendly people to help us achieve our goals as a company,” Sierra said.

For a look at the positions we are currently hiring for, check out our newly updated Careers page. Here you can get a glimpse of who we are and how much we like to eat (much of our events are centered around food — in particular, BBQ!). Regardless of how much BBQ we consume, we are working extremely hard to take the secondary retail market to the next level. How you ask? By offering the world’s leading auction platform for returned, excess, and other liquidation goods, nine of the top 10 U.S. retailers (among hundreds of others) are able to sell this b-stock directly to resellers/business buyers across the globe.

If you’re interested in joining our ever-growing team and have experience in Professional Services, Sales, Marketing, or Technology, then Sierra and Kofi would love to hear from you.

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