The Challenge:

As demand pre-owned mobile devices rose, the many players in this secondary market had no shared standard for grading the condition of these devices. Buyers were forced to rely on arbitrary terms like “Excellent” or “Grade B” and had very little idea of what they were going to receive. This led to disputes between parties, broken trust between buyers and suppliers, lost time, and wasted cash value.

The Solution:

CTIA Certification(™) set out to create a voluntary grading standard for use by all parties in the mobile device secondary market. They and assembled a board of experts representing some of the top stakeholders in the mobile industry—including B-Stock, an online auction platform that connects buyers and sellers of pre-owned mobile devices. The development and release of this standard was a game changer.


With B-Stock encouraging all users to abide by this newly developed standard, sellers and buyers alike saw multiple positive outcomes. Benefits of this new standard include slowed device depreciation, increased interest among new bidders, and a massive reduction in disputes over listing accuracy and device condition.

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Editorial Team


B-Stock Editorial Team

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