Reselling online is becoming a bigger gig by the day in the UK. And not just that, but people have successfully started entire businesses dedicated to reselling. So it can easily supplement a full-time income or be a nice, part-time source of income.

Reselling isn’t a new concept either. Traditionally, it’s done face-to-face either at flea markets or car boot sales, thrift stores, pound stores, and garage sales (jumble sale or rummage sale). Now, we have more technology available to us, and reselling has moved online as well!

For UK resellers, you have tons of options on where you choose to list your items. And whether or not you have been buying and selling job lots on eBay for some time now,  there are other UK/ EU-specific reselling sites you can check out. Here are the 11 best sites to resell online whether you’re selling mixed lots or specific categories like apparel and electronics! (Note: If you’re in the US, you will want to check out our other blog on where to sell pallets and other inventory online.)

11 Best Places to Resell Online (UK)

1. Amazon

Amazon, a one-stop for 200 million members, is a massive eCommerce platform that leaves lots of opportunities for resellers to list their inventory. You can even utilise Amazon’s fulfilment service, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). FBA enables resellers to ship and store items through Amazon’s own warehouse operations. You get to make your sales without worrying about storage or shipping—Amazon will handle that for you!

One thing to note about selling on Amazon is that they’re known for their restrictions on reselling certain products on their platform. For example, some big brand names might require you to get permission to resell items. Additionally, if you’re reselling on Amazon, brand gating may occur. Brand gating is part of an application process in which third party sellers reselling a brand name product must fulfil certain guidelines. These guidelines are in place to protect buyers against counterfeiters and unauthorised sellers across the site. This might make listing used liquidation apparel and electronics trickier.

2. eBay

eBay is well-known by reselling communities far and wide. And for those reselling online in the UK, anything you might want to sell probably has a category already set up and active on eBay. The huge built-in audience of eBay ensures your listing can reach a great number of buyers with little effort on your part. On the flip side, this also means you face greater competition in just about every category. There are millions of listings on eBay, but promoting your post within the site allows you to stand out.

They also have a number of Seller Protections to help you out when buyers don’t behave ethically or something goes wrong in the selling process. Use eBay’s auction site to meet all your online reselling needs! UK resellers should head to eBay to read more.

3. Facebook Marketplace

With 2.8 billion active Facebook users, you can only imagine the power their marketplace holds. Think of this like having a yard sale on social media so all of your friends and others in the area are able to see your goods. For those living in major UK cities, you can avoid the hassle of shipping and meet up in person instead. Haggling and scams are more common on Facebook Marketplace, but on the flipside of that, you can essentially sell anything you want on there for free. If you have Facebook Messenger installed, you can easily communicate, share additional photos, and answer any questions for interested buyers.

If you want to make Facebook one of your business’ main reselling channels, you can take things a step further with Facebook Commerce Manager.

4. Bonanza

Bonanza allows you to resell a wide range of products, similar to Amazon or eBay. According to Bonanza, their mission with this online marketplace, “empowers entrepreneurs to build a sustainable business based on repeat customers.”

One great benefit of this site is that you can advertise your listing across the web and they will also cover the cost of advertising until you make a sale. That means each ad click by shoppers on the internet (via Bing ads, publishing to eBay, etc.) is covered by Bonanza until you’ve made that sale. So based on their different advertising levels basic, standard, superior, and elite, this can range in 9-30% max fees. The logic is more traffic, more sales. But you opt-in to this advertising program and ultimately, you decide how much you are willing to pay.

5. Preloved

Preloved is based in the UK and lets sellers place adverts on their platform for interested buyers to peruse. They boast over 500 categories available to their 7 million members! Categories range from health & leisure to clothing and jewellery, and even from camping equipment and furniture to cars and property for sale! Sellers make their own arrangements for payment and delivery with the buyers. If a more ‘classifieds’ advertising site is what you’re looking for, give Preloved a try! Remember, it won’t be an auction-style site. But a perk is there are no listing or selling fees.

6. Vinted

Vinted is great for reselling second hand apparel. Based out of Lithuania, they operate in 12 markets that include: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, the UK, and the US. With a platform of 37 million, Vinted is a go-to for selling pre owned apparel, bags, shoes, and accessories. Plus, zero fees for sellers!

7. Depop

Based out of the UK, Depop is an incredibly creative-focused fashion marketplace. So if you specialise in reselling apparel liquidation, this is a good platform to use!

Clothing ranges from preloved condition, unique independent brands, big-name designer brands to vintage and streetwear. Depop has a flat 10% fee when an item sells, and each seller can create their own shop policies. Depop removes listings with stock photos, so be sure to read all of their seller guidelines!

8. eBid

eBid is a site out of the United Kingdom that competes directly with eBay. The site has a basic fee of 3% of the final sale price without the costs of shipping. To eliminate fees per sale, you can sign up for a subscription. There are several options for this subscription: weekly, monthly, and yearly recurring fees. One of the greatest things about eBid is the ability to sell in different niches. Finally, the site allows you to maintain up to five stores, which helps you to target your preferred audience faster if you set up different shops for the different categories you’re reselling. For more selling information on eBid, visit their site!

9. OnBuy

Another UK-based selling platform, OnBuy carries a huge variety of listings. OnBuy proudly states they are a fair platform that focuses on complete seller transparency. And unlike big players like Amazon with their “Amazon Basics” line of merchandise – they don’t sell their own branded products. So your listings are among other small businesses that span over 35 million products.

This online marketplace offers PayPal Buyer Protection, which has its own 1.9-3.4% payment fee, which gives customers peace of mind when purchasing from you. With a 5-9% sales fee (VAT not included), you can sell categories like tools & DIY, apparel, sports & outdoors, health & beauty, food & drink, and electronics on OnBuy. Read more about OnBuy seller account packages here to start reselling online in the UK.

10. GAME

If video games, accessories, consoles and gaming systems, comics, and collectables are your bread and butter, you can request to sell on the GAME Marketplace. This UK retailer is open to new vendors with products that match their specialised niche. You must have a registered business and reach out to their team to become an approved seller. From there, your products will be listed among new and pre-owned gaming and tech merchandise from brands like Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, Funko, and more. Sellers can choose if they offer delivery outside of the UK and dictate their own delivery types and return policies.

11. B-Stock Supply EU

B-Stock Supply EU is a multi-seller marketplace where approved buyers can purchase returned, excess, and refurbished inventory from hundreds of different sellers all in one place. Sellers on B-Stock Supply EU range from Fortune 500 companies to small or medium-sized businesses. So even if you’re looking to resell just a few job lots or even a case at a time, you’ll likely find interested B-Stock buyers here. Supply EU allows you to sell and buy across hundreds of product categories, brands, and conditions – all in one place.

Start sourcing the best inventory for your resale business’ needs using B-Stock. Registered UK/European buyers can easily bid on bulk quantities of clearance stock, directly from top retailers, manufacturers, and trade-in companies. Conditions range from new to light use to salvage, so you can start your buyer journey at any level! Find online job lot auctions available on B2B marketplaces like Amazon Liquidation Auctions Europe, Wayfair EU Liquidation Auctions, Crazy Clearance Auctions, and B-Stock Supply Europe. You’ll be on your way to reselling online in the UK with one of these sites in no time.


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B-Stock Editorial Team

Amberly Bliss, Owner

Amberly Bliss, Owner

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"I feel so confident shopping and bidding on items knowing that I am going to get what I paid for. And if not, there’s a killer customer service team that’s going to make sure everything’s alright in the end. That’s huge. It’s hard to take that risk when you’re first starting out."

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