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Learn more about our platform and how our auction system works.

Why Do Auctions Extend at the End?

If a bid is placed in the last 7 minutes of an auction, the auction end time will extend for an additional 3 minutes. This is called "Popcorn Bidding" and gives all bidders an equal chance of winning an auction if a last minute bid is placed. Popcorn bidding simulates a live auction and prevents other bidders from "sniping" an auction at the last second.

For more information, please read our article on Popcorn Bidding or check out our Knowledge Base articles on How Bidding Works.

What if I Have More Questions About an Auction?

All of the information about a specific listing is available on the auction page.

B-Stock Supply Europe auction pages have a button called “Ask Seller A Question” where you can request more information from the seller.

Don’t bid on an auction if you have unanswered questions or are unsure about the purchase.

Lack of information is not a valid reason for cancelling a bid or order.

If you have additional questions, you may reach out to Customer Support; [email protected].

Where Are You Located? Who Sells the Merchandise on the Site?

The auctions on B-Stock Supply Europe are from both small and large businesses liquidating their excess inventory. The auction page and description displays the location of the merchandise.

B-Stock does not own any of the merchandise listed on the site. We are a marketplace connecting buyers and sellers.

What Condition Is the Merchandise in? Is It All New?

The condition of the merchandise being sold varies between auctions, and can be anything from new in box to salvage condition. Please view the auction page for listing information and visit our "Conditions" page for more information on each condition type.

When Are New Auctions Posted?

New auctions are posted at the end of each working day. There is no set time for all auctions to start.

Most auctions run for 48 hours and are posted Monday through Friday. Auctions typically end between 12 pm and 4 pm GMT.

You can find auction close time details on any auction listing.

Are the Images on the Auction Actual Pictures of the Merchandise?

Please be advised that this will vary from auction to auction. Some auctions feature actual images of the products sold, others only display stock images.

If you have any questions please use the Ask Seller button on the auction listing.

What Does the Est. Original Retail Price Published on the Auction Mean?

The est. original retail price listed on the auction is also known as the estimated original retail price. It is the total of the highest possible price at which each of the products were offered when they were new to market.

B-Stock does not verify estimated original retail values submitted by sellers. It is the buyer’s responsibility to research any and all current retail prices and values before placing their bid.

Need to know more about registering? Having trouble with your user account?

Can I Apply if I’m Located Outside of Europe?


If you are applying as an international user we require some form of official documentation confirming your business information, such as a business license, VAT number (Europe only), or equivalent.

International buyers are required to supply an address here in Europe for shipping and will be responsible for all shipping, customs and duties to ship stock from Europe.

What Is a VAT number?

A VAT number is a number provided by your country’s customs and revenue office to your business. This will exempt you from VAT charges at the time of purchase for cross border transactions.

Please visit this link to see further information from the EU on VAT charges.

I Am Approved and Can't Log in. What Can I Do?

Please try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Please recheck login in portal. For Buyer/For Seller.
  2. Clear your browser's cache, then close it and reopen it and try logging in again.
  3. Try logging in with a different browser. We recommend using the latest version of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or IE9 or higher.
  4. Are you using a mobile device? For best results we recommend using a personal computer.
  5. Reboot your device.

If you are still unable to log in after being approved, send a screenshot that shows the entirety of your browser (including the URL field) to [email protected]. Please also confirm the email/user name you are using to log in.

How Do I Apply? Is It Free to Join?

You must be a registered business in order to join B-Stock.

In order to be approved, we require a VAT number for VAT registered businesses.

Click here to create an account.

Fill in the required fields, attach the appropriate documentation, and click the submit button. We will notify you within one business day if your account is approved. If we have questions regarding your documentation, one of our excellent customer service agents will reach out with additional instruction.

There is no cost for applying on B-Stock Supply Europe marketplace.

How Do I Change My Password? How Do I Update My Address or Personal Information?

If you are an approved member, log into B-Stock Supply Europe and select "Account Information" from the "My Account" drop down. You can update all contact information or change the password on your account. You can also click the green "I forgot" text on the login page if you cannot remember your password.

You can also click the "Forgot your B-Stock password?" text link on the login page to reset your password.

How Do I Report a Technical Problem? How Do I Report a Bug?

Please email [email protected] if you are experiencing technical difficulties. Include the following information:

  • What browser and version are you using? Do you experience the same issue in different browsers?
  • What type of device are you using?
  • What is the specific error that you are receiving?
  • Please provide a screenshot of the issue that you are experiencing. Please make sure the image includes the entirety of your browser, including the URL field.
  • Have you attempted to reboot or clear your cache/cookies?

Once we have received the requested information, we will begin troubleshooting procedures.

Why Hasn't My Account Been Approved Yet?

Please allow one full business day for your application to be approved.

If you have not been approved, it is likely because we have not received the proper documentation from you.

If you require additional help with account approval, please email [email protected]

Can I Apply if I Don’t Have a Registered Business?

Yes. Since B-Stock facilitates business to business liquidation, with the intent that the product be resold for profit, you will be liable to pay VAT if you are not registered.

Can I Buy for Import/Export? Can I Bid on Auctions for Export?

Unless otherwise stated in the auction description, any approved buyer may bid on any listing regardless of their location as long as it is buyer arranges shipping or for fixed cost shipping a European Address is supplied.

These are all "bidder beware" purchases and the buyer will be responsible for all export / import paperwork and fees.

When I Try to Log in, I See “Your Application Is Still Pending.” What Do I Do?

If you receive this notification, we have either not yet reviewed your application (please allow one full business day) or you have not submitted a proper documentation where required.

If it has been more than 1 business day since you applied, we are probably still waiting on the proper documentation from you. You can send your correct VAT number to [email protected] for approval.

How Do I Contact You?

The easiest way to reach us is by clicking the "Help" button in the bottom right corner of any page — it appears as a ? button if you're on a mobile device.

You can also email us at [email protected]. Allow a full business day for a response to your query.

If you'd like to speak by phone, call +1 (866) 993-4644. We are open for phone calls from 8 AM through 5 PM MT. Our office is closed for a lunch hour at 1 PM MT.

Don't know what popcorn bidding is? Are you trying to cancel an order? Curious why you didn't win an auction?

How It Works: Bidding

All B-Stock sales are conducted in an online auction format. B-Stock’s platform connects sellers with buyers worldwide, allowing buyers to bid against each other with the highest bid winning an auction.

Each auction has a start time and a close time. Most auctions run for 48 hours and are posted Monday through Friday, typically ending between 2 pm and 4 pm GMT. You can also find auction close details on any auction listing.

In order to bid on an auction, you must be 1) approved for that specific marketplace and 2) logged in to your account. To submit a bid, enter the amount you want to bid for an auction in the field next to “Your Maximum Bid” on the auction page. Your maximum bid must be equal to or greater than the minimum allowable bid amount listed. After you click the "Bid Now" button we will ask you to confirm your bid amount. Please double check your maximum bid before submission.

Please review the auction details carefully prior to bidding, especially the shipping type, seller location and merchandise condition. The auction details will include more specific descriptions of the auction, the number of units, the retail value and additional shipping information (e.g. whether shipping is to your country, or if a buyer must arrange shipping).

Merchandise condition is described using the definitions found on our Inventory Conditions page. Please refer to the Conditions page for guidance - please do not assume what a seller might mean by a certain condition. If you still have questions, please contact the seller using the Ask Seller button or email B-Stock at [email protected] prior to bidding on an auction. All bids are final.

The winning bidder for any auction is required to submit payment within two (2) business days of auction closing.

You can view your bids at any time by logging into your account and clicking "Bids" in the top right corner of your screen.

What Is Popcorn Bidding?

If a bid is placed within the last 7 minutes of an auction, B-Stock’s platform extends the auction close time for an additional 3 minutes. Every time a new bid is submitted the auction will extend for an additional 3 minutes, until all bidding activity has ended. This is called popcorn bidding.

Popcorn bidding simulates a live auction and prevents last minute “sniping” of an auction.

What Is Proxy Bidding?

All bids on the B-Stock platform act as "proxy" bids. Submit the highest bid amount you are willing to pay (your maximum bid), equal to or greater than the minimum allowable bid amount listed on the auction page. From there, B-Stock manages bidding for you, acting as your proxy.

For example: You see an auction with a starting bid amount of €300 and decide you would pay up to €5,000 for the lot. You would enter €5,000 as your maximum bid; you will then continue to win the bid at €25 increments until someone bids more than €5,000.

Our system will automatically continue to incrementally outbid other bidders, but will never exceed your maximum bid of €5,000. Your maximum bid is not displayed to others.

If another bidder inputs a maximum bid over €5,000, then you will be outbid and are no longer winning the auction. You then have the option to input a new maximum bid to act as your proxy, or search for another auction on the B-Stock platform that meets your needs.

Can I Inspect the Merchandise Before Bidding?

Merchandise sold through B-Stock comes directly from our sellers; therefore, buyers are not typically able to inspect merchandise prior to bidding, unless otherwise stated.

B-Stock’s sellers are encouraged to submit high quality, detailed lot images to set the most accurate expectations for B-Stock’s buyers. Buyers are encouraged to review auction details including inventory type and conditions.

How Do I Cancel a Bid?

All bids are considered binding contracts. Bid cancellation is not allowed so please ensure you are confident you wish to purchase the stock prior to placing a bid.

What Happens After I Win an Auction?

Once an auction has ended, if you are the winning bidder you will receive a "Bid Won" email confirming the order details and prompting you to confirm and finalise any remaining details, including shipping address and any additional required services. The "Bid Won" email also includes important wire payment instructions; wire payment must be made within two (2) business days after an auction ends. Once payment is processed, you will receive instructions regarding the shipment of your order.

For more information about payments please contact [email protected].

For more information about the shipping process please contact [email protected].

Why Did I Lose the Auction if I Bid the Same Amount as the Winner?

If two bidders bid the same amount, the person who placed their bid first will become the high bidder.

My Screen Said That the Auction Ended and I Was the High Bidder, but I Didn't Win the Auction. Why?

This experience is typically caused by a buyer’s slow internet connection, or by buyer inactivity as an auction is closing. Please ensure to keep refreshing the page once bidding to ensure you are up to date on the winning bid.

If you have a slow internet connection, it is possible that you will not receive a live update of subsequent bids placed. We recommend using the latest version of Firefox or Google Chrome for best results.

If you rely on a mobile device, B-Stock recommends that you update your account settings to receive SMS text notifications in the event that you are outbid.

Can I Buy the Products Outright?

All products available through B-Stock are sold via the online auction format. There is no "Buy It Now" or lot quoting option.

Looking for information about how to pay for your order? Do you have a B-Stock Balance account credit to use?

How It Works: Payments

B-Stock accepts payment for all auctions via wire transfer. Payments are due within two (2) business days of the auction end date. Order currency is based on the location of the stock and must be paid in the correct currency. There are two B-Stock bank accounts one for Euros (€) and one for GBP (£). Please ensure payment is made to the correct account as outlined in the bid won email.

B-Stock makes every effort to process all wire payments within one (1) business day. B-Stock does not consider Saturday, Sunday, or any major holidays as a business day.

To ensure proper credit, please include your Order Number in the “Memo” section of the wire. If you’re paying for multiple orders, do not include a comma in between order numbers. Your Order Number is found in the “Bid Won” email or in Orders on "My Dashboard."

B-Stock makes every effort to process all wire payments within one (1) business day. Merchandise will be released for shipment once payment confirmation is received from B-Stock’s Finance Department.

If you have not received confirmation of payment from B-Stock within one (1) business day or have any questions regarding payment please contact [email protected].

How Do I Pay for My Order?

B-Stock accepts payment for all auctions via wire transfer. Payments are due within two (2) business days of the auction end date. Instructions for wire payment through most major banks are provided during the self-checkout process.

Wire information is also contained in your "Bid Won" email. Please note if the auction is in EUR (€) or GBP (£) and make payment in the correct currency to the correct account.

When Is Payment Due?

Payments for all orders are due within two (2) business days.

Can I Pay for Multiple Orders With One Wire Payment? Can I Combine Payments for Orders?

Buyers are welcome to pay multiple orders with one wire as long as this will not delay payment and the currency and bank information for each order is the same.

Please include each of the Order Numbers (e.g. ESP01234) that you are paying for, in the wire transfer “Memo” field. Do not put a comma in between the Order Numbers -- use just a space to separate each number.

What Do I Do After I Have Paid?

You should receive an email from B-Stock confirming your payment within one (1) business day. Your order status will be changed to "Paid" on your account once B-Stock has successfully processed your payment.

If the order is a "Buyer Arranges Shipping" auction, pick up instructions and seller contact information are included in your "Order Paid" email. Shipping arrangements can be made as soon as you receive this email by contacting the seller who is in possession of the goods.

If the order is a Fixed Fee or Free Shipping auction, the seller will ship your merchandise within five business days, after you pay for the order, to the shipping address listed on your account at the close of the auction. You will be notified via email with tracking information.

If you do not hear from the seller within five business days, please contact B-Stock Customer Support.

How Do I Find Out if I Have a B-Stock Balance (Account Credit)? How Do I Apply My B-Stock Balance to an Order?

Occasionally, a buyer is issued an account credit by B-Stock; you might have a B-Stock Balance as a result of this. Please note credit payment can only be made in the same currency of the order as the currency available in the credit amount.

To learn more about what B-Stock Balance is, and to see how to find and apply a B-Stock Balance, please visit: https://bstock.com/b-stock-balance/

Can I Pay Cash?

B-Stock does not accept cash, checks, or Western Union for payment at this time. B-Stock does not accept cash payments at any of our offices or seller locations for security reasons.

All payments are due via wire transfer.

Can I Pay With a Credit Card?

B-Stock does not accept credit card payments at this time.

What Is the Buyer's Premium?

The buyer's premium is only applicable to the B-Stock Supply (US and EU) marketplaces.

This is a standard auctioneering fee which adds 10% of your final bid price to the order total. Please keep this in mind when bidding on B-Stock Supply (US and EU) auctions.

The Buyer’s Premium covers costs associated with sourcing and maintaining listings and marketplaces plus services including payment collection and dispute resolution.


To access your commercial invoice for inventory, from the "My Orders" section of your account and click on the “Problem” link next to the affected order. After the dispute is submitted a member of our B-Stock Supply Buyer Protection team will contact you to help resolve your claim.

Please contact our Customer Service team with any order problems you may have.

What Is Your Return Policy?

To access your commercial invoice for inventory, from the My Orders page click the “View Invoice” link at the bottom.

To access your B-Stock Fees invoice, click the “B-Stock Fees Invoice” link.


All auctions are sold "as is". As this is the sale of liquidation goods it is not wholesale or B2C sales and there will be discrepancies in the stock which is a result of the nature of liquidations. Returns are an exception, and requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

How can I download a copy of my invoice?

You may print to .pdf if you need a copy of your invoice.

How can I get a shipping invoice?

  • For Supply EU and EU private marketplaces SEKO, our primary carrier, should already be emailing you a copy of your shipment invoice
  • B-Stock will work with SEKO and other carriers to bring the invoices onto our platform using the Documents feature on the Order Details page

Need to know how shipping works at B-Stock? Looking to combine multiple shipments from a single seller?

Do I Have to Pay the Fixed Fee Shipping?

This will depend on the seller. Some sellers allow buyers to arrange their own shipping. If this is an option the orders tab will include a ‘change shipping type’. Please select change shipping type.

How Do I Receive My Shipment?

Please follow the procedure below for all orders you receive.

Following these procedures will help ensure that your shipment is properly received and will reduce issues and make any disputes easier to resolve.

All disputes must be filed within 1 business day of receiving an order.

Please read each item carefully:

  • Do not refuse the shipment - you will be liable for the shipping cost and cannot file a dispute if you refuse it.
  • Ensure that the pallet or box count matches your invoice and bill of lading. Take note of all identification numbers.
  • Review the delivery receipt and sign only for services performed.
  • Keep a copy of your delivery receipt.
  • Before unloading the truck, inspect the overall condition of your shipment. If there are signs of excessive damage caused by obvious carrier negligence, take pictures while the goods are still in the trailer. Please take detailed notes describing the issues including pallet ID(s) on the delivery receipt or BOL.
  • If you have the ability, compare the weight of your shipment against the weight printed on the bill of lading. Record any discrepancies.
  • Carefully unload your order, counting the items as you unpack them. Be careful not to damage or misplace inventory that has already been received.
  • If further inspection reveals damage, stop, document the issues, take pictures and submit details via the "Problem" link on the "My Orders" page.
    • Please keep in mind the condition of the items described in the auction, for example salvage condition items are excluded from this process.
    • Compare product received to order manifest and document all discrepancies sharing the manifest and the listed issues with each stock item with customer service.
  • Keep copies of all forms and pictures for your records.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

How Does 'Buyer Arranges' Shipping Work?

“Buyer Arranges Shipping” means that winning buyers are responsible for hiring and paying a carrier to pick up their merchandise from a seller.

Once the order is paid you will receive information regarding the seller in your Order Paid Confirmation email, the seller will also receive an Order Paid Confirmation email through which they will be asked to contact you to agree a collection date. Please ensure you do not arrange a shipping date until you have received confirmation from your seller on a date and time.

What is Binding Shipping on B-Stock Supply Europe marketplace?

A service that integrates the shipping process into the auction flow. Any auctions with Binding Shipping enabled will create a real-time freight quote for you and will be available for LTL (less-than-truckload) and TL (truckload) sized lots. Upon winning the auction, the transportation provider will immediately schedule delivery and pickup appointments with the Seller and Buyer as well as provide shipping documentation for the shipment which will allow greater visibility into the shipment for all parties.

*Please note

Extra fees may apply if special shipping requirements are needed.

The many perks of this service for buyers include:

  • Real-time freight cost calculated during the bid process, so you know the actual all-in cost.
  • Simplified auction experience that no longer burdens you with transportation selection and coordination.
  • Access to auctions that may otherwise not be in your scope due to limitations on shipping transportation solutions.
  • Consistent tracking of delivery status that is updated frequently.

Liability & Terms

  • Freight claims for damages in transit will only be evaluated for new inventory or damages that are unquestionably caused by the underlying carrier.
  • Inventory ownership will be transferred to the buyer at the time the carrier picks up freight from the seller.
  • Carrier will sign BOL (Bill of Lading) for “pallets said to contain” and will not be required to validate individual item counts at the time of pickup.
  • Claims for shortage will only be evaluated for entire pallets missing or unquestionable tampering by the carrier for missing units from a pallet.
  • Buyers should document damage or shortage on the BOL (Bill of Lading) they sign upon delivery from the carrier and immediately (same day) notify B-Stock, take pictures and send a copy of the signed BOL.
  • B-Stock will initiate the claim process with the carrier.
  • Sellers may be liable for damage in transit if there was improper loading of inventory.

What Do I Do if There's a Problem With My Shipment?

If your shipment is late or if there is obvious carrier damage, please file a claim directly with your carrier.

For all other problems, please contact our disputes team via the “Problem” button on the "My Orders" page. You must accept the shipment in order to file a dispute with B-Stock.

How Does 'Seller Arranges' Shipping Work?

Fixed price, flat rate or free shipping means that the seller has engaged a carrier to deliver the product to a buyer. A shipping cost will appear on the auction and is added to your final bid amount after you’ve won an auction. Placing a bid means that you agree to pay this shipping cost in addition to your winning bid amount.

Some orders may require an additional charge to some European countries depending on the seller and the delivery country. Please double check the shipping notes in the auction for potential additional charges and the countries. If you have any questions please contact the seller through the Ask Seller button or email [email protected].

What Do I Do if Something in My Shipment Is Broken?

If something in your shipment is broken, please contact our Disputes team immediately for help resolving the issue via the “Problem” button on the "My Orders" page. You must accept the shipment in order to be able to file a dispute with B-Stock.

If there is obvious carrier damage, please file a claim directly with your carrier.

Can I Change the Shipping Address on an Existing Order?

Please confirm your shipping address is correct during the checkout process.

Buyers are able to update the shipping address for an existing order as long as it is not marked as “Paid”. In order to do so, please log into your account and click "Orders" from the top right menu. Select the order and update the address as necessary.

Once an order is marked “Paid”, a buyer is no longer able to update the shipping address for that order. Additional arrangements will need to be made with the seller who may or may not be able to accommodate the request.

Neither B-Stock nor the seller are responsible if an incorrect address is associated with an account or order. It is the buyer's responsibility to verify all information prior to paying.

For additional information on finalising or changing shipping details including address changes or additional services, please see Shipping Checkout for more information.

Can I Pick up the Order Myself?

In limited situations, a seller may allow a buyer to pick up merchandise themselves as long as they are properly equipped to do so. If pickup is available, auction descriptions will state that the Buyer is allowed to pick up or arrange their own shipping. For any requests to pick up orders that do not state this, please contact the seller using the Ask a Seller link on the auction. You may also reach out to Customer Service for these inquiries. Please be aware that exact pickup details are not released until the order has been paid for by wire.

Can I Consolidate (Combine) Multiple Orders into One Shipment?

Many of our sellers offer consolidated shipping for buyers who win multiple auctions. This will need to be coordinated between the shipper and a buyer after each order has been paid in full. To request consolidation, please contact the seller at the information provided in your Order Paid Confirmation email. If your orders are eligible for consolidation at a lower shipping cost, the seller or carrier will contact B-Stock and B-Stock will issue the difference as a refund via a B-Stock Balance account credit.

How Do I Change My Default Shipping Address?

As a registered buyer you can update a shipping address by logging into your account, and clicking "Account" from the top right menu. This brings up your Address Book where you can update a default shipping address or add an additional address.

Please note that this will only update the default address for future orders, not current orders. For current orders that have already been won, please change this information in the Order Detail page. Buyers are expected to review their default address prior to bidding. Neither B-Stock nor the seller are responsible if an incorrect address is associated with an account or order. It is the buyer's responsibility to verify all information prior to bidding.

To update the billing address please contact [email protected] with the address you wish to make the default billing address.

If you have a problem with one of your orders or see something on the site that doesn't seem right.

Are These Products Authentic?

B-Stock Supply does not allow, or facilitate the sale of counterfeit items. If you believe counterfeit merchandise is being sold on our platform, please email supporting evidence to [email protected] immediately.

How Do I File a Dispute?

Please follow these 3 steps:

  1. Find and review the dispute policy for this seller here to determine if your dispute qualifies for resolution and to see what documentation will be required.
  2. Gather all required evidence as indicated on the linked page above, for example, the bill of lading and pallet tags for freight loads, photos of the merchandise at delivery and before inspection, photos of the disputed merchandise upon inspection, the line item results of your inspection, and, for mobile devices, the IMEI and a photo of each device in dispute.
  3. Go to Your Orders page, find the order you wish to dispute, click on “report an issue” and follow the instructions.

*Note: Ultimately, all dispute resolution will be governed by the terms of purchase agreement between you and the seller and/or the terms of use agreement between you and B-Stock.

If you are unable to find the Report a Problem button, please contact [email protected]

This is time-sensitive, so please create a dispute quickly or the allowable time-frame for the dispute may pass.

How Long Do I Have to File a Dispute?

All claims must be filed within 5 business days of delivery to a European address, or within 30 calendar days of the purchase date if the product has not been delivered..

Claims associated with stolen property/counterfeit products must be made within 90 calendar days of the purchase date.

Supply Europe Dispute Process

In the event that your claim qualifies for resolution it will enter a mediation-arbitration process facilitated by B-Stock’s Mediation Team. In this process, the buyer and seller will be given the opportunity to resolve the dispute through mediation. If the buyer and seller fail to agree to a settlement, or the seller refuses to participate, then the mediation will be escalated to a B-Stock Arbitrator who will make a final decision and close the dispute.

In an effort to keep resolutions timely, there will also be deadlines imposed at each step of the Mediation process. If the buyer fails to keep a deadline, then the dispute will be closed with no settlement. If the seller fails to keep a deadline, then the dispute will be arbitrated. The deadlines are as follows:

  • 2 business days for the buyer to provide any additional substantiation after they file their claim and a B-Stock mediator has requested that they do so.
  • 2 business days for the buyer to propose a resolution after it is solicited by the mediator.
  • 1 business days for the seller to agree to or counter the proposal.
  • 1 business days for the buyer to agree to or counter the proposal.
  • If the buyer and seller aren't agreeing after a reasonable amount of time they are given a final 2 business day deadline to agree or the decision will be arbitrated.

If you have any questions, contact [email protected].

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