B-Stock Supply Europe Overview

B-Stock Supply Europe is where businesses sell their excess and overstock inventory to other businesses. As a buyer, it’s perfect for sourcing products at prices low enough to resell for a great profit on eBay or Amazon. If you are a seller, it’s the ideal marketplace to quickly move liquidation inventory in bulk through a simple auction format.

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The B-Stock Sourcing Network

B-Stock Supply Europe is part of The B-Stock Sourcing Network. The B-Stock Sourcing Network enables resellers to buy liquidation and overstock inventory directly from reputable enterprise retailers like Walmart, Sam’s Club and others. By offering liquidation merchandise directly from retailers and manufacturers, The B-Stock Sourcing Network provides buyers access to inventory they ordinarily would have to purchase from middlemen and wholesalers. These liquidation sales are exclusive to B-Stock Sourcing Network approved buyers.

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The B-Stock Solutions team has been helping Fortune 2000 retailers and manufacturers make their liquidation and overstock inventory available to a broader base of resellers through liquidation auctions since 2004. By building, hosting, and managing private online liquidation auction marketplaces, B-Stock Solutions enables its clients to open their liquidation inventory to a much larger base of resellers, while also creating new buying opportunities for companies that previously could not access this type of inventory directly from the source. Our team has already helped retailers liquidate approximately $1 billion worth of overstock and excess inventory.