Holiday Playbook 2022

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Holiday Playbook 2022
Holiday Playbook 2022

The holiday season retail sales for 2022 are forecasted to reach a new high for both in-person and eCommerce purchases. This also means manufacturing for seasonal merchandise has been at an incredibly high-level going into the holiday season. Have you found yourself anticipating excess seasonal inventory or a surplus of holiday returns? Below are just a few of the improvements tapping into the circular economy provides:

Read here how this classic brand achieved:
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Brand and channel control
  • Compliance-focused features

Download the B-Stock Holiday Playbook today to see exactly how an auction platform upgrades your post-holiday inventory dilemma while consistently outperforming traditional liquidation methods.


B-Stock is the world’s largest B2B online auction platform. We proudly connect global-leading retailers and manufacturers who have billions in overstock merchandise value to hundreds of thousands of vetted buyers who eagerly submit thousands of bids daily.

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