Excess Inventory Challenge Whitepaper

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Excess Inventory Challenge Whitepaper
Excess Inventory Challenge Whitepaper

The modern eCommerce landscape has drastically impacted overstock levels for retailers worldwide, with much of the excess coming from online returns. In 2020, US consumers alone returned $428 billion in merchandise-couple such figures with persistent supply chain slowdowns and other difficulties, and retailers face a perfect storm. Download our whitepaper to see why the next phase of excess inventory management will be the most critical to your business, and the types of solutions you need to explore in order to relieve the pressure of mounting unsold inventory while increasing recovery. In this piece, you'll read more about:

  • Uncovering the 'cost of doing nothing' with unsold inventory
  • How optimizing operations around unsold merchandise improves business
  • Your option for not only clearing out, but monetizing your unsold stock


B-Stock is the world’s largest B2B online auction platform. We proudly connect global-leading retailers and manufacturers who have billions in overstock merchandise value to hundreds of thousands of vetted buyers who eagerly submit thousands of bids daily.

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