Buyer Protection


B-Stock Supply Buyer Protection Program


B-Stock offers buyer protection in the form of a refined dispute resolution process referred to as Mediation-Arbitration. Resolutions will first be mediated between the buyer and seller, but B-Stock reserves the right to arbitrate a decision if the two parties fail to agree through mediation, or if it is determined by the mediator that arbitration is the best course of action for the sake of time and efficiency for all involved. When compensation is warranted, the responsible party will be expected to bear the financial burden. The types of resolutions include, but are not limited to the following: 

  • Partial refund (most common)
  • Replacement with similar product (rare)
  • Return for a full refund (rare)

Due to certain limitations outlined in the B-Stock Terms of Use and published on the website, not all disputes qualify for buyer protection and will not be mediated/arbitrated. Below is the list of dispute types eligible for resolution.

In order to qualify for resolution, the dispute must meet all of the following requirements

  • The dispute is filed within 5 business days of delivery to the buyer’s address on file.
  • The dispute is substantiated with sufficient evidence including, but not limited to a detailed manifest of discrepancies, shipping receipts noting the discrepancies, photos of the order as it was delivered, photos of the disputed merchandise, a signed and noted Bill of Lading if applicable, etc.
  • The condition and/or quantity and/or type of the merchandise in question is substantively different than what was described.
  • For LTL or Truckload orders, please reference the following checklist to assist you in the receipt of your inventory in the event a dispute arises.


An order does not qualify for resolution if any of the following conditions are met

  • The order discrepancy is the result of carrier handling on a buyer arranged shipping order. Disputes of this nature will be referred to the carrier.
  • The order discrepancy was caused by some factor beyond the control of B-Stock, the seller, or the seller arranged carrier. For example, if the order was delivered to the correct address, and then stolen before it was received. 
  • The order condition is salvage and therefore does not qualify for condition related disputes.