With the warmer weather comes more time spent outdoors and planning upcoming vacations. According to the U.S. Travel Association, about six in 10 Americans are planning at least one summer trip. This means there is plenty of shopping to be done for new outfits, entertainment for the children, and getting the home ready for friends and family. Have you thought about your summer inventory yet?

If your business specializes in resale and looks to liquidation as a steady source of inventory, then now is the time to start preparing for the summer months ahead. Whether you’re buying pallets or truckloads, working strictly online or in a brick and mortar store, or selling to consumers or other businesses, there’s going to be inventory you’ll want to have ready. This is why you should start your summer of sourcing on B-Stock! We take you through top categories that will be sizzling with auctions all summer long. Plus, items in each category you will want to keep an eye out for.

Summer inventory on B-Stock

Home and garden

Summer is a time when shoppers might be feeling more playful. Whether that’s with their furniture or bedding, a home decor refresh, a new patio set, or a grill that is ready to see some action! Other inventory like generators, ottomans, lounge chairs, rugs, storage, and organization wouldn’t hurt to keep in stock either. Anything that might give the home a new look and feel is on the table.

Interior design trends forecast consumer interest in “green” design. So for the eco-conscious consumer interested in sustainability, liquidated home and garden inventory might be just the right move. Secure all of your summer home and garden goods on marketplaces like Amazon Liquidation Auctions, Target Auctions Liquidation, Wayfair Liquidation Auctions, and Costco Wholesale Liquidation Auctions.

Sporting goods and toys

Longer days ahead mean more time for activities, right? Summer camps, beach trips, and hiking excursions are weeks away. Inventory like lunch boxes, bikes, ride-ons, rollerskates, helmets, fitness equipment, inflatable pools, toys, and more will be plenty to keep the kids and adults busy. Head over to Walmart Liquidation Auctions, DICK’s Sporting Goods Liquidations, and Universal Athletic Liquidation Auctions for all of your sporting goods needs.

Apparel, footwear, and accessories

Pool parties and vacations call for new outfits and accessories. Sunglasses, hats, shorts, sandals, and bathing suits are the obvious go-to’s for warmer weather but don’t leave out formal wear. Graduations, family reunions, and wedding ceremonies are special occasions that often take place during this time. Add dresses, heels, necklaces, ties, and linen attire to the mix.

Activewear is showing no signs of slowing down either. In 2022, the global activewear market is expected to be worth $439.2 billion. So take the opportunity to find auctions with name brand inventory your customers may be looking for (think Nike, Adidas, and Athleta). Activewear items include sneakers, joggers, leggings, socks, sports bras, and more. Get your apparel and footwear from QVC Liquidation Auctions, Zulily Liquidation Auctions, and Lands’ End Liquidation.

Health and beauty

Consumers still have wellness on their minds over the summer. Consider moisturizers and creams for the hotter weather and sunblock and oils for water-based activities. Other wellness essentials like vitamins and supplements, plus cold and allergy medicines will be sought after to stay in tip-top shape. Makeup, nail polish, and hair products, as well as deodorants and toothpaste, are also vacation must-haves!

The best part is much of this inventory will be in brand new, unopened condition. This is because shelf pulls are a common reason goods get liquidated! Browse our top health and beauty marketplaces like Unilever Liquidation Auctions, Bayer Liquidation Auctions, Revlon Brands Auctions, and B-Stock Supply.

Home improvement

Everyone’s got a project to tackle this summer. That can be a home gym project, patio extension, curb appeal project, or bathroom remodel. With so many trending colors, textures, and prints happening in the summer, you will want to keep your DIY warriors and other home improvement clients happy with the best inventory you can offer. This can include tools and hardware, fixtures, window treatments, faucets, lighting and plumbing, and more! Don’t forget to be patient and make matches with inventory in order to fetch higher profits!

Home improvement inventory can be found on The Home Depot Liquidation Auctions, Lowe’s Liquidation, and Signature Hardware Liquidation Auctions.


Major appliances like washers, dryers, dishwashers, ovens/stoves/cooktops, and refrigerators are always in-demand. But consider seasonality paired with summer promotions that lead to an influx of returns in the weeks and months following. (Particularly around the Fourth of July.) Scratch and dent appliances—inventory with minor cosmetic damage from delivery or installation—are great to offer as quick replacements for customers looking to snag a deal. Keep in mind that these will be bulkier items, and require more space to store.

That’s not all! Before the BBQs and festivities commence, don’t forget your small appliances either! Bid on handy kitchen appliances like mixers, chest freezers, mini-fridges, air fryers, and pressure cookers. Plus keep AC units, fans, and vacuums in mind. Our lineup of appliance sellers includes Costco Appliances & Home Liquidation Auctions, Best Buy Liquidation Auctions, Sears Overstock Auctions, and Lowe’s Liquidation.

Start sourcing summer inventory now

You don’t want to be late to the game this summer. Find the summer inventory your customers will be looking for via liquidation auctions and purchase it by the pallet or truckload! Not only will you get access to bulk goods, but at a fraction of MSRP. Liquidated goods are listed daily by popular retailers like Walmart, Target, Amazon, The Home Depot, and Costco, among others. Register on your favorite marketplaces and start your summer of sourcing on B-Stock.

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