The 2018 SDCE 100 shines the spotlight on the industry’s most successful and transformative projects that deliver value to enterprises across a range of supply chain functions.

Enabler: B-Stock

Customer: Fortune 500 Home Improvement Retailer

Project Goal: Branded B2B marketplace for returned, excess and other liquidation inventory

Solutions: B-Stock’s Enterprise PaaS, Auction Strategy, Demand Generation

Business Impact: B-Stock launched a branded private B2B liquidation marketplace for the home improvement retailer. Within days of launching its marketplace, the retailer had nearly 1,000 registered buyers competing for truckload-size quantities of its returned and overstock appliances. Ongoing demand generation campaigns have since continued to drive qualified buyers to the marketplace, with up to 300 new buyers registering each month. One of the key drivers of new buyer registrations was adjusting lot size to match buyer demand. In order to do so, B-Stock recommended breaking the lots down so more buyers were able to participate, generating an immediate impact on recovery.

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