About Amazon Liquidation Auctions

Amazon Liquidation Auctions is the official B2B liquidation marketplace for Amazon. This B2B marketplace gives qualified US-based business buyers access to inventory direct from the world’s largest ecommerce company

If you are a European buyer, visit Amazon EU Liquidation Auctions for Amazon’s European liquidation inventory.

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IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT Amazon Liquidation Auctions

  • Inventory Categories: Mixed lots of home goods, apparel and footwear, media, consumer electronics, groceries, and more.
  • Condition(s): Overstock and Mixed
  • Lots will be available in all sizes.
  • Orders can experience inventory shortages, and Amazon will provide a proactive order adjustment credit, equal to the value of the missing merchandise, when your order is shipped. Please visit the shortages and credits page for more information.
  • Orders are generally shipped 2-3 weeks after payment, however your order shipment may take up to 6 weeks due to holiday peak fulfillment delays. Please visit the shipping page for more information.
  • Tracking information will be provided 1-3 business days after your order has shipped.


  • Only US-based buyers can apply. Please go to Amazon EU Liquidation Auctions for Amazon’s European liquidation inventory.
  • You must have a valid, state-specific resale certificate.
  • We recommend that you take a moment to review the list of forms by each state, as well as additional information on reseller certificates.
  • Buyers will be prompted to submit additional business information directly to Amazon after winning their first auction. Please allow 10-15 minutes to complete this enrollment to avoid a delay or order cancellation.


Merchandise will ship from dozens of different locations across the United States.


Amazon Liquidation Auctions FAQs address the most common buyer questions about the marketplace.

For any additional questions, please feel free to Contact Us!