Shipping & Customs

Please be informed that CAED/B13 has been decommissioned as of September 30, 2020.

To ensure that you receive` your shipment as quickly as possible, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND using Kuehne + Nagel for both Freight and Customs.

Kuehne + Nagel provides best in-class service to their customers including:

  • CL Receipt of B-Stock Auction confirmation via email/web link or flat file
  • Booking authorization ( if required)
  • Booking Order Accepted
  • Extranet Scope and instructions to Buyers
  • Location of goods pickup from departure location in Mississauga or Barrie
  • Preparation of Export Documents and arrangements with US Broker ( Dell will)
  • Shipment confirmation
  • US Customs Brokerage Clearance (Dell Will Customs Brokers/Kuehne + Nagel Canada)
  • Last Mile Delivery FD Overland
  • Cargo moving from Hogan facility in Mississauga, ON to USA
  • Cargo moving from Hogan facility in Mississauga, ON and Barrie, ON to International destinations by Airfreight
  • Live “real time” Track and Trace with MyKN
  • Online booking platform, Quote, Book, Track (MyKN)
  • Monitoring Alerts
  • Reporting delivery
  • Full range of Door to Airport/Door to Door airfreight services
  • Express or Standard airport to airport air logistics services
  • Customs clearance capabilities in all locations
  • Weekly space allocations with most airlines
  • Blocked Space agreements with Air Canada, Lufthansa, and CargoJet
  • Warehousing/Distribution activity


  • Offer services for New customers to create Business Number and Authorization ID to reduce the lead time

As of November 9th, 2020, K&N will no longer be able to handle CERS on the behalf of customers who choose to move the freight with a non-K&N Carrier.

Please be advised that by choosing a non-K&N carrier to handle the shipment, you will be responsible for getting all of the correct paperwork together, and if there are any issues with the paperwork, your shipment will be heavily delayed, often by multiple weeks.

Business Number Application can be found here.

Authorization ID Application for CERS (Orders outside the US only) can be found here.

Kuehne + Nagel will only ship to businesses with a valid Commercial address. Residential addresses will not be accepted.

Please make sure that the correct shipping address is selected prior to payment. We will not be able to alter the shipping address after payment is made.


All LTL and TL Kuehne & Nagel shipments will be insured (up to USD $500,000) through Nacora International Insurance Brokers. Winning bidders will see insurance cost (0.22% of winning bid) on freight invoices.

Deductible: 5% of sum insured per shipment, minimum USD$1,000.00 per claim/occurrence.

Buyers will be reimbursed full value of purchase minus deductible.

Cargo Claims: Rates are based on NO carrier liability for cargo claims $50.00 CAD and under.
Valuation/Liability: Maximum carrier liability $2.00 CAD/lb or $4.41 CAD/kg for all LTL and TL shipments.
Insurance / Additional Liability Coverage: Contact your local Kuehne + Nagel office to obtain a quotation for additional coverage of the goods being shipped. Deductibles apply and vary in amounts.

Estimate Includes:

  • Customs Brokerage Fee
  • Customs Bond Fee
  • U.S. Customs Merchandise Processing Fee
Winning AmountTotal Estimated Customs Fees
$5,000 $315
$10,000 $325
$15,000 $358
$20,000 $405
$25,000 $453
$30,000 $500
$40,000 $595
$50,000 $690
$60,000 $785
$70,000 $880
$80,000 $975
$90,000 $1,070
$100,000 $1,111


Smartphones and Tablets will be packed securely in partitioned boxes.