Condition Grades: Smartphones & Tablets

New: Brand New in Original Packaging.

Grade A+: Fully functional unit; pristine used, like-new condition. Will not include original packaging.

Grade A: Fully functional unit. No scratches, nicks, or blemishes on the front & screen, sides, or back side/battery cover. Like-new cosmetic condition.

Grade B: Fully functional. These units will have light general wear from normal use. The device may have a few light scratches, nicks, or blemishes on the front & screen, sides, or back side/battery cover.

Grade C: Functional unit. Will have at least one of the following conditions: cracked screen or housing, liquid damage, gaps between housing, gouges, LCD damage, customization, bad audio codec. The unit’s originally installed software may have been rooted. Phones may have issues with charging / battery life.

Grade D: Devices will contain some degree of liquid damage. Devices will power on, but may have cracked screens or housing, gaps between housing, LCD damage. Devices may have issues with charging/battery life. Suitable for component harvesting.

Non-Functional/Faulty Condition: Cosmetically, these devices will range from A-D. These units have failed one or more of the below functional tests:

  1. Sensors: proximity, magnetic and NFC
  2. Speakers, ringtones and vibrator
  3. Touch screen and convenience keys
  4. Home button/fingerprint scanner
  5. Facial recognition/retina scanner
  6. LCD panel: check brightness, discoloration, dirt, lines, spots or missing pixels.
  7. Connectivity: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  8. Front and Back camera check for quality of pictures and video, including sound and flash functionality

Condition Grades: Consumer Electronics

A New / Pristine; Original accessories included.
B Open Box or Refurbished product; Product tested. Packaging may be damaged. Original accessories included.
C Open Box or Scratch/Dent; Product may not be inspected/tested or has minor damage. All original accessories may not be included.
D As is or Salvage; Defective or heavily used. May be missing parts, manual, accessories or packaging.