Unilever Liquidation Auctions Process

Please be advised that shortages are common for orders placed on the Unilever marketplace. After a winner has been found for any given order, the pallets go through a final review. This is when the majority of shortages are found, and those shortages are in turn reported to the B-Stock Mediation team.

  • If the shortages are below 15% Unilever will provide an automatic refund for what is missing and the product will be shipped.

  • Any reported shortages between 15%-80% require approval from the buyer in order to move forward with shipping and completing the purchase.

  • Any shortage above 80% will result in an automatic cancellation and full refund to the buyer.

Please keep in mind that because Unilever moves large amount of merchandise daily some shortages are missed. Should this be the case on your order, or should you have any additional shortage or condition issues, you should collect the appropriate evidence and notify the B-Stock team immediately. It will then be handled as a normal dispute. Please also note that, with the exception of cancelled orders, no shipping will be included in any refunds.