About Target Liquidations


Target Liquidations is a marketplace where qualified buyers can bid on excess inventory from Target Stores and Target.com. All inventory is manifested and comes in several different conditions. Inventory will be available in a variety of categories including: Apparel & Accessories, Electronics, Home Decor, Music & Movies, Shoes, Small Appliances, Sports & Toys, Video Games, and Mixed Lots. Auctions close several days a week, so be sure to check the site or your inbox for messages from Target Liquidations.

If you have any questions about the inventory or process, please email us at [email protected].


Product Conditions

The condition of the merchandise will vary and standard designations regarding a product's condition will be set forth in the listing. The merchandise is provided to you "as is" for purchase on the site. Sample Product Conditions include but not are limited to:

Brand new product in pristine condition.

Merchandise that was returned by the guest for a variety of reasons. Merchandise may be a mix of brand new product or damaged product, and may not be in its original packaging. Guest returns may possess noticeable cosmetic blemishes but are still functional and able to be used for its intended purpose.

Damaged or Defective merchandise and/or packaging. Merchandise has some damage but is still functional and able to be used for its intended purpose, or merchandise is in pristine condition but its packaging is damaged.


Payment Information

The winning buyer will be emailed an invoice and must remit payment on a net ten days from the invoice date. Please contact [email protected] with any questions regarding payment.


Shipping Information

The winning buyer will be provided with the appropriate facility contact to coordinate the pick-up of the merchandise. All merchandise is FOB from the point of pick-up. Buyer owns transportation and must pick-up merchandise within 5 business days from the award of the auction.