Inventory Conditions

New merchandise in original retail packaging. Packaging may be damaged during transport.

All inventory regardless of condition is sold AS-IS. Please take an account a +/- 5% discrepancy between what you bid for and what will arrive due to overages and shortages. We will not accept any disputes that fall within this range. All sales are final.
Customer Returns
Customer Returns inventory is defined as any merchandise previously sold to a consumer and then returned. Manifest is provided for reference only and not a guarantee of items received. Buyers should not expect 100% accuracy. Customer Returns inventory is routed through processing partners. Products are not guaranteed to be functional. Customer Returns products may have scratches, scuffs, and/or dents. Products may be missing accessories or parts. All inventory regardless of condition is sold AS-IS.

At the time of delivery, buyers are required to confirm that the pallets delivered match the pallet IDs listed in the Purchase Order email and sign the Proof of Delivery (POD). Once the delivery is signed for and the pallets received, refund requests will only be reviewed if missing or incorrect pallets are noted on record with the shipping carrier. All sales are final.

Overstock Sample Package Pictures

Customer Return Sample Pallet Pictures