Inventory Shortages and Adjustment Credits

During the time Amazon auctions are listed, the inventory is not yet prepared for shipment.

Orders may experience inventory shortages as some inventory is still being actively sold on and may be sold at retail prior to the auction being completed.

When Amazon prepares your order for shipment after your payment, it provides an adjusted manifest which accurately reflects the items in the shipment.

If a substantial amount of inventory from your order is not able to be fulfilled, it will be canceled automatically and you will be notified.

You may not cancel your Order due to shortages or because a shipment is missing certain item(s).

Orders with inventory shortages will receive an automatic refund for the missing items.

Amazon will provide credits when your Order is shipped - an order adjustment credit equal to the value of the missing merchandise and a shipping adjustment credit, based on the amount of units missing in the event of a shortage.

You will be notified via email when your Order has shipped, any items which are missing from the shipment and the amount of your inventory shortage and shipping adjustment credit, if applicable.

Order Adjustment Credit

Amazon will provide an order adjustment credit based on the percentage of retail value missing from your order. This is not subject to the standard 5% variance required to file a claim.

For example:

If you win a $20,000 retail value auction and $1,000 in retail value is missing, you will receive a 5% order adjustment credit added to your account when your order is shipped.

This credit is calculated based on the final price of the auction, excluding shipping.

Shipping Adjustment Credit

Amazon will also provide a Shipping Adjustment Credit based on the percentage of items missing from your order.

For example: if you win an auction that has 100 units and 8 are missing, you will receive an 8% shipping adjustment credit added to your account when your Order is shipped.

This credit is calculated based on the shipping cost that you paid.

You will receive an email notifying you of your adjustment credit amount(s) when your order is shipped, along with a link to view the updated manifest. The adjustment will appear on your order page. See the B-Stock Credit page for how it works.