About Almo Liquidation Auctions

Almo Corporation is the largest independent distributor of appliances, consumer electronics, professional Audio/Video equipment, furniture and housewares in the United States. With nine strategically located regional distribution facilities and over 2.5 million square feet of warehousing, Almo effectively serves the needs of retailers nationwide. Be sure to register for Almo Liquidation Auctions so that you can bid and buy liquidation and wholesale inventory.

Product Categories

Almo offers liquidated and wholesale appliances, furniture, consumer electronics, electronics, furniture, home & garden and televisions.

Types Of Liquidated Inventory

Products liquidated and sold on the Almo Liquidation Auctions marketplace include a variety of reasons including returns, shelf pulls and excess inventory.

  • Returns
    • Inventory that was purchased by a customer and returned to the store for any of a number of reasons. The quality of inventory is dependent on the amount of use by the customer before returning and whether it was damaged or worn out in the process. Typically customers return products that show little to no damage.
  • Shelf Pulls
    • Inventory that did not sell and was removed from shelf space. Customers may have performed some light touching which could lead to minor wear or damage to the product.
  • Excess stock
    • Excess inventory that overly speculated the customer demand and did not reach the shelf. This inventory is typically stored in the warehouse or distribution center. Typically the inventory remains in its originally packaging such as boxes or pallets. The inventory inside the packaging is either like new or new condition, with superficial damage to the packaging itself.

Inventory Conditions

Almo Liquidation merchandise ranges in quality and inventory condition and is highlighted within each auction listing. The range of conditions include new condition, light use, salvageable and is denoted by a letter grade such as A Class, B Class and so forth.

New Condition

Inventory that is noted by an A Class rating. This is considered the highest quality in liquidation and can attain a higher value per individual product within the auction listing. This material can easily be purchased and resold by a wholesale or retail business.

Light Use

Inventory that has light use such as wear or superficial damage to the product and is noted by a B or C Class rating. B Class refers to inventory that has very light use or damage. C Class refers to inventory that has increased wear or damage to the product and might have some need for repair or replacement of parts.


Inventory that is noted by a D Class rating and is usually of the lowest liquidation quality. Inventory can suffer from heavy external damage as well as internal components damage or loss of partial or full functionality. D Class inventory can either be repaired by an expert, can be salvaged for parts which can be swapped out with other products, or sold to salvagers.

Liquidation Lot Sizes

Almo sells their liquidated merchandise in a variety of lot sizes. Almo Liquidation Auction lot sizes include individual pallet, multi-pallet (also known as LTL or Less Than Truckload) and truckload.


Packaged inventory that can fit on an individual pallet, the smallest unit of retail storage efficiency. Mostly a pallet is the classic wooden but can also include plastic, metal or recycled material. LTL (Less Than Truckload) A relatively small amount of liquidated freight which is defined as less than 150 pounds of inventory and less than a truckload in terms of pallet count. A truckload of liquidated inventory is typically defined as containing 20-26 pallets of inventory.

Shipped & Direct From Locations

Almo inventory will be shipped and come directly from these conveniently and strategically located locations across the United States. Individual auction listings typically highlight the location the inventory in that listing will be shipped directly from.

  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Columbus, OH (Groveport, OH)
  • Atlanta, GA (Morrow, GA)
  • Dallas, TX (Wilmer, TX)
  • Reno, NV
  • Mequon, WI
  • St Charles, MO

Marketplace Buyer Restrictions

Almo does not have special buyer restrictions. To register, bid and buy, you must have a valid resale certificate for US buyers or a Proof of Business for international buyers. Almo only accepts state specific documents. To learn more about reseller certificates, please visit this helpful article. This is a useful reseller certificate guide for the process to apply on a state by state level.

Purchased products in Class B, C, and D condition CAN NOT be advertised as “New” during resale. Failure to comply will result in immediate termination of the buyer's account on Almo Liquidation.

Questions & Contact Information

If you have additional questions about Almo please feel free to contact us. There is also a great FAQ reference for questions we frequently receive from potential and active buyers on the Almo Liquidation Auctions marketplace. To join the Almo Liquidation Auctions marketplace, please register here.