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How do I apply? Is it free to join?

Click here to create an account. Fill in the required fields, attach a valid reseller\'s certificate and click the submit button. We will notify you within one business day if your account is approved. There is no cost for applying on B-Stock Supply.

Can I apply if I am located outside of the United States?

If you are applying as an international user on B-Stock Supply, we require some form of official documentation that shows the purchase is for export so we can provide sellers with proof that they don\'t have to charge sales tax on the purchases you make. This can include an exporter\'s license, registration with the department of revenue with your country, or a business registration form. If you have already applied, you can fax this form to (650) 241-3328 or email it to us.

Please note that international buyers are responsible for arranging their own shipping on all transactions, and certain auctions may only be available to buyers in the United States. An additional $25 fee must be included on any international wire payment as well.

I am an exporter located in the United States. Can I apply?

A reseller\'s certificate is required for approval of any buyer located in the United States, not including states that do not charge sales tax.

What is a reseller\'s certificate and why do I need it? Do all states require a reseller\'s certificate?

A reseller\'s certificate exempts buyers from paying sales tax on their purchases. We never collect sales tax on behalf of our sellers, and only sell to buyers who have state issued reseller\'s certificates. Users in any state that has a sales tax must submit a reseller\'s certificate to be approved on B-Stock Supply. This may also be called a Seller\'s Permit, Sales Tax License, Sales and Use Tax Permit, Certificate of Authority or a similar name for your state. For instructions on how to obtain a reseller\'s certificate, example of images or a blank form for your state, please visit bstocksupply.com/doclinks. If you live in Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire or Oregon, this is not required as part of your application.

Can I submit my EIN (Employer Identification Number)?

No. An EIN (click here for an example of an EIN) is a federal identification number, but a state issued certificate is required for approval on B-Stock Supply.

How do I get a reseller\'s certificate?

For instructions on how to obtain a reseller\'s certificate for your state, please visit bstocksupply.com/doclinks.

How do I submit my reseller\'s certificate?

You can fax your reseller\'s certificate to (650) 241-3328 or email it to us.

Why hasn\'t my account been approved yet?

Please allow one full business day for your application to be approved. If you have not been approved, it is likely because we have not received the proper reseller form from you. For instructions on how to obtain a reseller\'s certificate, example of images or a blank form for your state, please visit bstocksupply.com/doclinks.

Can I apply to all B-Stock marketplaces at once?

Each marketplace has different requirements for applying, so you do need to apply on each site individually. However, if you apply on B-Stock Supply and are approved, you do not need to upload your reseller\'s certificate on each site. For a list of all B-Stock powered marketplaces, please visit sourcing.bstocksolutions.com.

How do I bid?

Once you are an approved member on B-Stock Supply, you can go to any auction page and enter the highest amount that you are willing to pay. Enter the amount in the white box to the right of "My Maximum Bid". Below, you will see the minimum allowable bid amount. Once the amount has been entered, click the green "Bid Now" button. Please note the message near the top of the page, which indicates if your bid is high enough to become the current high bid. If not, you may wish to increase your bid. For each bid you enter, you will receive an email confirmation that your bid was successfully placed.

What condition is the merchandise in? Is it all new?

The condition of the merchandise being sold varies on an auction to auction basis, and can be anything from new in box to salvage condition. Please view the auction page for information for each listing, and visit our "Conditions" page for more information on each condition type.

Why do auctions extend at the end?

If a bid is placed in the last 7 minutes of an auction, the auction end time will extend for an additional 3 minutes. This is called "Popcorn Bidding" and gives all bidders an equal chance of winning an auction by extending the end time of the auction if a last minute bid is placed. Popcorn Bidding is used to simulate a live auction and prevents other bidders from "sniping" an auction at the last second.

How can I enter my maximum bid without it appearing to other bidders?

All bids placed on B-Stock Supply act as "proxy" bids. You can bid the highest amount you are willing to bid and allow the system to manage the bidding for you. The Current Bid displayed on each auction is equivalent to the second highest bidder\'s bid, plus one bid increment ($25 on B-Stock Supply). If the high bidder has placed a higher bid, it will not display. This allows bidders to know that if they place a proxy bid, they could still win the auction for any amount below or at their maximum bid.

Example: If you find an item that you are interested in that is currently at $1,000 without any bids and choose to bid $5,000, you will be winning the auction at $1,000. If another bidder places a bid for $1,100, you will be winning the auction at $1,125, one increment higher. The system will continue to automatically outbid other bidders on your half, but will never exceed your proxy bid of $5,000.

Can I buy merchandise without bidding on it?

All merchandise sold on B-Stock Supply is in auction format only. If you only want to place one bid, you can always place a proxy bid.

Can I cancel my bid?

Please remember that every bid on B-Stock operated marketplaces is a binding contract. You are agreeing to buy the lot at the price you indicate should you ultimately be the high bidder. Bids may not be cancelled once submitted. If you accidentally enter a wrong bid amount (for example, you entered $1000 instead of $100) you can click on the Cancel link within the bid confirmation pop-up window to change your bid amount prior to submission. Changing your mind does not qualify as accidentally entering a wrong bid amount.

Your bids affect how other users bid within the auction and the auction\'s final selling price. We provide ample opportunity for you to check and double check your bid before submitting, so requests to cancel bids will most likely result in the suspension of your account.

A record of all bids is kept on file. If a current winning bid is disqualified in an auction for any reason, B-Stock will restore the next highest non-winning bid to winning status. This decision is made at the sole discretion of B-Stock Solutions.

Are the images on the site actual images of the merchandise?

Merchandise may be displayed in its current condition, or with a stock image. If it is unclear in any way, contact us prior to bidding.

Can I inspect the merchandise before bidding?

Unless otherwise stated, merchandise cannot be inspected prior to bidding. All available information is detailed on the auction page.

Why did I lose the auction if I bid the same amount as another bidder?

In order to win an auction, you need to bid a higher amount than the current high bidder. If both you and another buyer placed maximum bids of $1,000, but the other bidder placed their bid before yours, they will win the auction.

How do I know if I win?

At the close of the auction, the winning bidder is notified by email. This will also show up as an order on the "Orders" page under "My Dashboard".

How do I pay? How long do I have to pay?

All auctions must be paid in US Dollars, by wire transfer, within 2 business days of an auction\'s close. Wire instructions will be included in your "Bid Won" email and on your Orders page after winning each auction. If you are unfamiliar with sending a wire, you can do it easily from your bank (usually for a small fee that varies by bank). Many banks allow you to send wires via their website. Ask your bank for details. Wire transfer confirmation may take up to 24 hours.

Please make sure your teller is typing out both the account numbers and the address to ensure B-Stock receives payment.

Please contact [email protected] with any questions regarding payment.

What forms of payment do you accept? Do you accept credit cards?

Wire payment is the only form of payment accepted, as it is both instant and secure. This is the standard practice in the sale of liquidation lots. However, if your auction total is $300 or less, you may be able to pay by PayPal. Please feel free to contact us for PayPal instructions. We do not accept credit cards, personal checks or Western Union for payment under any circumstance.

Can I Pay for Orders Using Account Credits?

Using our B-Stock Balance feature, you can pay for orders with account credit that you may have accrued.

For more information please visit B-Stock Balance.

Can I combine multiple payments together?

You may always combine multiple payments into one wire for auctions won within 2 days of each other, if you are complying with the payment policy. Please be sure to put all order numbers in the memo section of the wire.

What is a B-Stock Fee?

A B-Stock Fee is a standard auctioneering fee that helps cover the cost associated with sourcing products, marketing auctions, running the marketplace and managing services such as payment collection and listing processing. Our standard B-Stock Fee is 10% of the final bid price. Please keep in mind that this amount will be added to the final winning bid to arrive at the final amount due

What do I do after I have paid?

You should receive an email from B-Stock confirming your payment within 1 business day and the status of your order will be changed to "Paid" on your account. If this is a "buyer arranges shipping" auction, pick up instructions and seller contact information are included in your "Order Paid" email; arrangements can be made as soon as you receive this email. Please confirm with the seller before scheduling pickup. If this is a flat or free shipping auction, the seller will ship the merchandise to the shipping address on your account (at the close of the auction) within 2 business days. You will be notified via email with tracking information.

If you do not hear from the seller within 2 business days, please contact us.

How does shipping work?

Shipping is either provided by the seller or the buyer which will be noted int he auction description under "shipping info". If the shipping is arranged by the seller, a flat-rate fee will be provided in the listing, please carefully review these terms before bidding. Buyer-arranged shipping auctions of one pallet or more have a shipping estimate provided by Freightquote.com. This estimate is calculated based on the zip codes of you and the seller, number of pallets, pallet dimensions, total shipping weight and several attributes that may vary for each user. While these estimates are not guaranteed, our customers have found them to be reliable in the past.

Winning bidders will receive a link in their "Bid Won" email to easily arrange shipping based on the estimate that they received on the auction page. In the auctions description buyers may arrange shipping through the carrier of their choice. For auctions that are less than one pallet, you can easily look up an estimate online using the information provided on the auction page. Sellers may also offer their own shipping rates, but they are not required to.

How can I find out the full pick-up address?

Pick up instructions and seller contact information are included in your "Order Paid" email. Please confirm with the seller before scheduling pickup.

Can I pick up the merchandise myself? Can I just pay when I pick it up?

In most cases, it is acceptable to pick up the merchandise yourself, as long as you are properly equipped to do so. However, pickup details are not released until the order has been paid for by wire. Please confirm with the seller before scheduling pickup.

Do I pay you for shipping?

Unless there is a flat shipping rate listed on the auction page, you do not send B-Stock payment for shipping. All shipping matters are handled between the buyer and seller. The "Bid Won" email details all necessary costs. Please do not send B-Stock funds based on the shipping estimate that you receive.

How do I purchase auctions for import/export?

Unless otherwise stated in an auction\'s description, any approved buyer may bid on any listing regardless of the location. However, these are all "bidder beware" purchases and as such, the buyer will be responsible for all export/import paperwork and fees. Additional information can be found at the official website for the US Customs and Border Protection.

Do I have to pay the shipping estimate from Freightquote.com?

No. This is just an estimate and there is no requirement for buyers to arrange shipping through Freightquote.com.

What do I do if I have a problem with my order?

We want to make sure buyers get what they purchase, so please let us know if a product does not match what was promised in a listing. Buyers have two days after delivery to file a complaint, simply go to the My Orders section of your account and click on the “Problem” link next to the affected order. After the dispute is submitted a member of our B-Stock Supply Buyer Protection team will contact you and help resolve your claim.

What is your return policy?

Auctions are not listed with any stated return policy, and most auctions are sold "as is". Do not expect to be able to return any merchandise that you receive.

How often are there new auctions?

New auctions are posted throughout the day. There is no set time for all auctions to start.

What does the retail price published on the auction mean?

B-Stock Supply is a liquidation marketplace; therefore the retail prices shown on the site are original retail prices, or the price when the product was new-to-market. It is in essence the original MSRP or the highest possible price at which the product was offered. The buyer is therefore responsible for researching any and all current retail prices and values. B-Stock does not vet original retail values submitted by sellers; buyers should adequately research the resale market's current value of any product they intend to purchase before placing a bid.

Where are you located? Who is the seller of the merchandise on the site?

The auctions on B-Stock Supply are from both large and small retailers/manufacturers liquidating their excess inventory. Each auction title and auction description provides the location of the merchandise.

How can I contact you?

The easiest way to reach us is by clicking the "Help" button in the bottom right corner of any page. You can also email us. If you\'d like to contact customer service by phone, please call +1 (866) 993-4644. If there are no available agents during business hours, please feel free to leave us a message, and we will call you back as soon as possible.

How can I update my personal information / change my password?

As an approved member, if you are logged into B-Stock Supply and select "Account Information" from the "My Account" drop down. You can update all contact information or change the password on your account. You can also click the green "I forgot" text on the login page if you cannot remember your password.

How do I report a technical problem?

Send us an email to report your issue. Please be as specific as possible and be sure to include any information that would help us determine the cause of your problem, including: which web browser you are using (Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.), the web page you are on, steps to replicate the issue you are having, and other details and screenshots for our review.

I am approved and having trouble logging in. What can I do?

Sometimes your browser can cause login problems. Please try the following fixes:

  1. Clear your browser\'s cache, then close it and reopen it and try logging in again.
  2. Try logging in with a different browser. We recommend using the latest version of FirefoxChromeSafari, or IE9 or higher.

When I try to log in, I see the message "Invalid login or password." Why?

If you receive this notification, then you either have not yet applied on B-Stock Supply, or you are entering an incorrect password. You can reset your password by clicking the "I forgot" link below your password entry and entering your email address. If you have not applied, then you can click the Create An Account button to begin your application.

When I try to log in, I see the message "Your application is still pending." What do I do?

If you receive this notification, then we have either not yet reviewed your application or you have not submitted us the proper reseller\'s certificate. If it has been more than 1 business day since you applied, then we are still waiting on the proper documentation from you. You can send us your reseller\'s certificate or fax it to (650) 241-3328.

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