Buyers are responsible for arranging their own shipping for all auctions on this marketplace.

Superior Wireless Auctions only ships domestically within the United States. Direct international shipments are not allowed. International buyers are still welcome to purchase from the marketplace, but they must use an international forwarder within the U.S. or ship to a domestic facility. The seller will not be listed as the exporter of record for international shipments.

Shipping method is determined by shipment size. Shipments containing 10 case pack boxes or more require freight (LTL) shipping. Shipments containing less than 10 case pack boxes can use parcel shipping or freight (LTL) shipping. The instructions below provide details for each method.

  1. Parcel Shipping: Provide your UPS or FedEx account number to the facility contact. Contact information will be sent in your 'Order Paid' email once you have paid for your order. Pre-paid shipping labels can be used. Please indicate your preference on shipping speed and declared value for the shipment to the facility contact. If the declared value is not specifically communicated, the shipper will not include it as part of your shipment.

  2. Freight Shipping (LTL): Carriers are required to self-appoint via the C3 Solutions application for dock management. Carriers will not be able to access the dock without having a reservation scheduled in this application. Follow the instructions below.

Once you have requested an account by following the instructions below, a user guide will be provided with information on accessing and using the portal.

How to set up an account

Please populate the template below and email the information to [email protected] with the subject line "C3 Login Request." Once FedEx Supply Chain receives the information, they will create a unique login per the company type.


Please remove the data fields listed for ‘Example’ when responding and note:

    • Suppliers: manufacturing companies, material/product vendors with or w/out private fleet
    • Carriers: asset-based companies for hire and not brokering freight to/from the FedEx facility
    • Brokers: encompass freight forwarders, brokerage services, 3PL’s, 4PL’s, and anyone subcontracting
    • Standard Carrier Alpha Code is equal to your SCAC code as applicable


*Company Name: ACME Freight Services
*Company Type (Supplier, Carrier, Broker): Carrier
*MC / DOT # MC-0123456 / 1234567
SCAC (Standard Carrier Alpha Code): ACME
*Email Address: [email protected]
*Street Address: 13500 Main Street
*City: Merrick
*State: NY
*Zip: 11566
*Country: United States
*Phone: 817-555-1212
*Contact: Kevin Reynolds
*Date of Birth: 12/10/1970