B-Stock offers 3 different types of shipping:

  • Binding Shipping
  • Buyer Arranges Shipping
  • Fixed Price Shipping
    • “Free Shipping” is a type of fixed price shipping

The auction shipping type appears on the Auction Details page and in the Bid Confirmation dialog box.

Shipping types may vary from auction to auction, even within the same marketplace.

Binding Shipping

Binding shipping means you, the Buyer, must pay the total order amount which is your winning bid plus the cost of shipping and tax, if applicable. Once paid, the Seller and Carrier partner arrange shipment of your Order.

You cannot switch to Buyer Arranges Shipping or Buyer Pickup for listings with Binding Shipping.

After your Order is “Paid”, your shipment is booked with the Carrier who will contact you to schedule a delivery.

Buyers should schedule delivery within 3 days of a Carrier’s suggested delivery date. Carriers may be able to accommodate later delivery times subject to additional holding fees.

Buyer Arranges Shipping

Buyers are responsible for arranging shipment with a Carrier of their choice and must work with the Seller to schedule pickup and delivery of their shipment.

If additional information about scheduling a pickup from the Seller is available, it will be shown on the Auction Details page or in email notifications.

Fixed Price

Buyers are required to pay the fixed price for shipment shown during bidding and the Seller will arrange pickup of your Order with their Carrier.

After your Order is “Paid”, your shipment is booked with the Carrier who will contact you to schedule a delivery.

Buyer Pickup

Some Orders are eligible for Buyers to pick up directly from the Seller’s warehouse in their own truck.

  • Unless specifically noted on the Auction Details page, your Order is not eligible for Buyer Pickup.

Your Delivery Address

The shipping cost shown during bidding is calculated based on the ‘default address’ in your Account Profile.

Buyers are responsible for ensuring their delivery address is correct before placing a bid and paying the shipping cost shown in the bid confirmation dialog box.

If you have multiple warehouses you may need to change your address before bidding to ensure an accurate rate quote.

Your delivery address may require additional services from our Carriers to handle freight shipments:

  • Liftgate Required: your address does not have a loading dock or a forklift and requires a liftgate for unloading pallets off of the truck.
  • Residential Address: your address is deemed within a residential area by our Carriers and delivery may require a smaller truck or different equipment.

Carriers charge for these additional services or delivery options, called ‘Accessorial Fees.’

This means for all freight shipments you must either have a loading dock / forklift or select “Liftgate Required” for your address.

If you did not select “liftgate required” on your delivery address and you require this service, you will be charged additional fees by the Carrier. Failure to pay these fees may result in account suspension.

Please note:

  • Liftgates are not available for full truckload shipments (TL).
    • For full truckload shipments (TL) your delivery location must have a loading dock or forklift.
    • If the inventory is “floor loaded”, such as appliances, it does not come on pallets. Floor loaded inventory only ships as full truckload (TL).

This restriction means you are not eligible to purchase full truckload shipments without a loading dock or forklift.

Delivery Address Changes

Buyers may change the delivery address on their Order before payment. Address changes may result in a different shipping cost you are obligated to pay.

You may add or update delivery address information from the ‘Address Book’ section of My Account.

  • After payment is made, the delivery address on file will be used for your shipment.
  • Changing your address AFTER making payment may delay delivery of your goods and / or generate reconsignment fees requiring additional wiring of funds.
  • If your delivery address didn’t have liftgate service selected during bidding you may also update it before payment.

Fulfillment Time

Fulfillment time is the period between your payment and the Carrier completing a shipment pickup from the Seller.

Fulfillment time varies from marketplace to marketplace and often from Seller warehouse to warehouse.

Sellers make every reasonable effort to prepare their orders within 5-10 business days of payment.

If your Order has not shipped within 21 days of payment, please contact Customer Service who will advise you on next steps including the option to cancel your order.


After your order is “Paid”, a shipment is “Booked” with the Carrier who schedules a pickup from the Seller’s warehouse.


Carriers will try to consolidate multiple “Paid” LTL Orders from the same Seller warehouse into a single truckload (TL) shipment where possible.

Sellers will not hold orders for consolidation while waiting for payment.

If your address requires a liftgate your Orders are not eligible for consolidation into a full truckload shipment.

If your Orders are eligible for consolidation the Carrier will automatically consolidate them into a single truckload and refund you the difference in cost with a B-Stock credit for use on future orders. Consolidation credits are processed 2-3 weeks after your order has been delivered.

All credits from the carriers are final and cannot be disputed. If you do not receive a credit within this timeframe, you can contact us here: Get In Touch With B-Stock, please DO NOT reach out to the carrier regarding credit amount, otherwise they will escalate it back to B-Stock. B-Stock Customer Service team will advise on the status of the credit.

Consolidations are not guaranteed.

Tracking & Notifications

  • You may view your Shipment status and tracking details on the individual Order Details page from My Orders.
  • You will receive an email notification including a tracking link when your Order has shipped.

Delivery & Unloading

  • Buyers are responsible for unloading all trucks within 1 hour; if you cannot unload the truck in time you may be charged an additional fee.
  • Drivers are not responsible for unloading the truck at your delivery location. You may be charged an additional fee if you require the driver’s assistance to unload your shipment.
  • Buyers are responsible for any additional charges related to delivery, including those for missed deliveries, scheduling delays, and inaccurate address or other information.

Please follow these best practices during unloading which will help expedite matters in the event of a dispute:

  • Take a photo of the inside of the truck before it is unloaded.
  • Take photos of the pallets as they arrive, before they are broken down.
  • Save a signed copy of your BOL noting any discrepancies.
  • Make a list of items listed on your manifest that you did not receive.