Product Conditions

Factory Carton
New Condition
New-In-Box excess inventory. These items have never been sold to a consumer.
All items will be in original factory carton.
Full warranty available on all units.
Major Appliance Customer Returns
Major Appliances that may feature scratches and dents. Please note that not all scratch and dent inventory is 'returned'. Product could have been damaged while being warehoused and has never left the warehouse facility as a result. Additional reasons for 'returned' product could be attributed to buyers' remorse, incorrect color or because dimensions prevented appliances from fitting into the desired space. Please note that there could be broken glass and/or missing parts. All merchandise is assumed to be functional.
The original factory carton has been removed on most units. All merchandise is protected with corner boards and wrapped in protective film.
One-year functional warranty begins after the first 7-days after installation.