Buyers may arrange shipping through the carrier of their choice, as soon as the merchandise is released and pickup instructions have been provided by GameStop. All auctions of one pallet or more have a shipping estimate provided by GameStop. GameStop will provide buyers with all necessary information after the auction has been paid for.

You are responsible for shipping products purchased from GameStop. Title to such products passes to your company when you or your agent takes possession of the products at our warehouse. Please be advised that for all shipments going to international locations (and for all shipments being released to any freight forwarder for international shipment) GameStop requires the following documentation for review prior to tendering the products to you at our warehouse:

1. A shipping label or BOL indicating that the goods are being shipped by your company (i.e., that your company is listed as the shipping party);

2. A commercial invoice that is filled out completely and accurately. The commercial invoice must match the number of units and amount paid for the goods. For commercial invoices which have a location to indicate an Exporter of Record, your company must be listed as the Exporter of Record; and

3. A completed AES form, showing your company as the Exporter of Record and containing a valid ITN number. In no event may GameStop be listed as the Exporter of Record.

Freight forwarders located domestically are not exempt from these requirements if the products will be shipped to an international location. In order to ensure that shipments are made in a timely fashion, please provide these documents as soon as you receive the email indicating your orders are ready for pick up. Once received they will need to be reviewed for accuracy by GameStop logistics and the orders will not be released until this review is complete and any revisions needed are made by the shipper.