About Department Store Auctions

Department Store Auctions offers customer returns and other overstock merchandise direct from one of America’s top retailers. The marketplace features bulk quantities of inventory including: designer handbags, apparel, accessories, housewares, shoes, bath & body, and fragrances. Lot sizes range from cartons to pallets.

Customer-Returned/Non-Saleable: this merchandise has been previously purchased and returned in a condition that is not first quality and therefore not suitable for resale in the store. Non-saleable merchandise is received from all store locations and includes all categories made available from our stores & online.

Store Stock: this merchandise consists of first-quality merchandise that has exceeded aging standards and must be removed from the selling floor or online site to accommodate new merchandise. It may show some signs of wear from fitting room damage or clearance tables. Store Stock lots generally will contain a wide assortment of merchandise, previously available in store and online.

Seasonal Overstock: this merchandise will consist of first quality store floor overstock that has been slated for liquidation at the end of the store selling season. The merchandise will have been removed from the selling floor, boxed and forwarded to a Central Return Center where the Central Return Centers palletize the shipments by category and lot number.