Buyers are responsible for providing their own shipping, through the carrier of their choice. Most auctions will provide an option to arrange shipment through Winning bidders will receive a link in their "Bid Won" email to easily arrange shipping with

You will be able to schedule a pickup by calling the warehouse as soon as the merchandise is confirmed paid. Buyers are required to schedule an appointment for pickup wtihin 2 business days of receiving payment confirmation, and all merchandise must be picked up within 5 business days of this notification.

Information about shipping weight, pallet count and pallet dimensions will not be available while the auction is in progress. Please confirm this information with the facility, after you have won an auction, prior to scheduling pickup.

Buyers must have the SKU Number associated with your order available when contacting the facility to schedule pickup.

Canadian Buyers: All Canadian buyers are responsible for arranging their own shipping as explained in the Terms of Purchase. Canadian buyers will receive an email with pick-up instructions within 1 business day of paying for your auction.

US Buyers: All US buyers are required to use BILSI for all cross border transactions including shipping and customs. After winning an auction, BILSI will pick up the merchandise from the warehouse facility and bring it back to the BILSI warehouse. BILSI will then prepare the related customs documentation and then ship the auction contents to its final destination. For more information about BILSI and the related process please click here

. Please note that all fees and duties associated with this process are between BILSI and the buyer.