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Sporting Goods Auctions

2 Sporting Goods Auctions

  • Hard Bait Minnow Fishing Lures | Longgang District, Shenzhen
    $100 Current bid
    0 bids
    Retail $5,040
    210 Units
    Sporting G...
  • Fit 15
    $720 Current bid
    0 bids
    Retail $10,649
    720 Units
    Sporting G...
    Shelf Pull...

Sporting Goods

B-Stock Supply sporting goods auctions feature assortments ranging from specific product types to mixed batches of sporting goods, so you can bid on what’s best suited for your business needs. Purchasing B2B liquidation inventory provides our buyers the opportunity to expand their business. Every auction contains information regarding the MSRP value of each lot, number of units, product condition, location zip code, and shipping arrangement. Take a look at each auction description and photos to determine which one best suits your needs. To learn more about the auction process, check out our Auction Basics page.

2 Auction(s)