Phonecheck Certified Program

B-Stock Supply is pleased to partner with Phonecheck, a device-level software solution supporting the trade-in, triage, and testing portions of the mobile device recommerce industry, on Used Device Certification for certain mobile device auctions on B-Stock Supply. For more information on Phonecheck please visit

Why is the Phonecheck Certification Important?

A Phonecheck Certification on an auction guarantees that the mobile devices in a Phonecheck Certified Auction are 100% operational. Additionally, mobile device auctions on B-Stock Supply are graded according to B-Stock’s Universal Mobile Conditions Grading. Click here to learn more about our mobile conditions grading.

When you see a Phonecheck Certified Auction on B-Stock Supply, you’ll be able to bid with confidence knowing that the merchandise in the auction has been vetted and approved by the industry standard for mobile device diagnostics and certification.

How Do I Find Phonecheck Certified Auctions?

Look for the Phonecheck Certified badge on a mobile device auction listing. Here's an example:

How Does Phonecheck Work?

Phonecheck’s automated device diagnostics scan the functionality, capacity and condition of over 1000 components, including:

  • Wifi Connectivity
  • Bluetooth Function
  • GPS / Location Services
  • Charge & Headset Ports
  • Battery Capacity
  • Proximity & Light Sensors
  • Vibrations
  • Buttons & Switches
  • Microphones & Speakers
  • Front & Rear Cameras
  • Camera Flash
  • Video Recorder
  • Glass Condition
  • Network & Manufacturer Lock
  • Activation and Reset Locks
  • Authenticity

We've included a sample of sellers that may have Phonecheck certified auctions, below. Click on their logos to view currently available auctions.