Looking for information about how to pay for your order? Do you have a B-Stock Balance account credit to use?

How It Works: Payments

B-Stock accepts payment for all auctions via wire transfer. Payments are due within two (2) business days of the auction end date.

B-Stock makes every effort to process all wire payments within one (1) business day. B-Stock does not consider Saturday, Sunday, or any major holidays as a business day.

To ensure proper credit, please include your Order Number in the “Memo” section of the wire. If you’re paying for multiple orders, do not include a comma in between order numbers. Your Order Number is found in the “Bid Won” email or in Orders on "My Dashboard."

B-Stock makes every effort to process all wire payments within one (1) business day. Merchandise will be released for shipment once payment confirmation is received from B-Stock’s Finance Department.

If you have not received confirmation of payment from B-Stock within one (1) business day or have any questions regarding payment please contact [email protected].

How Do I Pay for My Order?

B-Stock accepts payment for all auctions via wire transfer. Payments are due within two (2) business days of the auction end date. Instructions for wire payment through most major banks are provided during the self-checkout process.

Wire information is also contained in your "Bid Won" email. 

When Is Payment Due?

Payments for all orders are due within two (2) business days.

Can I Pay for Multiple Orders With One Wire Payment? Can I Combine Payments for Orders?

Buyers are welcome to pay multiple orders with one wire as long as this will not delay payment and the bank information for each order is the same.

Please include each of the Order Numbers (e.g. TGT01234) that you are paying for, in the wire transfer “Memo” field. Do not put a comma in between the Order Numbers -- use just a space to separate each number.

What Do I Do After I Have Paid?

You should receive an email from B-Stock confirming your payment within one (1) business day. Your order status will be changed to "Paid" on your account once B-Stock has successfully processed your payment.

If the order is a "Buyer Arranges Shipping" auction, pick up instructions and seller contact information are included in your "Order Paid" email. Shipping arrangements can be made as soon as you receive this email.

If the order is a Seller Arranges or Free Shipping auction, the seller will ship your merchandise within five business days, after you pay for the order, to the shipping address listed on your account at the close of the auction. You will be notified via email with tracking information.
If you do not hear from the seller within five business days, please contact B-Stock Customer Support.

How Do I Find Out if I Have a B-Stock Balance (Account Credit)? How Do I Apply My B-Stock Balance to an Order?

Occasionally, a buyer is issued an account credit by B-Stock; you might have a B-Stock Balance as a result of this.

To learn more about what B-Stock Balance is, and to see how to find and apply a B-Stock Balance, please visit:

Can I Pay Cash?

B-Stock does not accept cash, checks, or Western Union for payment at this time. B-Stock does not accept cash payments at any of our offices or seller locations for security reasons.

All payments are due via wire transfer.

Can I Pay With a Credit Card?

B-Stock does not accept credit card payments at this time.

What Is the Buyer's Premium?

The buyer's premium is only applicable to the B-Stock Supply (US and EU) marketplaces.

This is a standard auctioneering fee which adds 10% of your final bid price to the order total. Please keep this in mind when bidding on B-Stock Supply (US and EU) auctions.

The Buyer’s Premium covers costs associated with sourcing and maintaining listings and marketplaces plus services including payment collection and dispute resolution.

Where Is My Invoice?

You can retrieve your invoices by following these steps:

  • Login in to your account
  • Click on "Account" in the top right corner of the page
  • Click on "Orders"
  • On each order, click on "Details"
  • Click on the "Print" icon in the top right corner
  • Your "Bid Won" email also serves as an invoice. Look out for this email after winning an auction.

If you have any questions about how the "Bid Won" email serves as the invoice, please email [email protected].

What Currency Are Auctions Transacted in?

All auctions are transacted in USD unless otherwise stated.

PayPal Instructions

We accept Paypal on auctions where B-Stock collects payment and where total payment due is $1000 USD or less (if your order total is in a different currency than USD, we are unable to accept a PayPal payment).

Since this is an exception we make, we request that you cover all associated transaction fees:
  • 3% of the total + $0.30 for domestic buyers
  • 4.4% of the total + $0.45 for international buyers
Note: if you do not include the correct fees in your total payment, your payment may be rejected and your order canceled.

In your Paypal account, go to "Send & Request," then "Pay for Goods and Services," and send the new total including the transaction fees to [email protected].

To ensure we credit the right order, please be sure to include your order number in the "Special Instructions to Seller" section.
If you are using PayPal to pay a cancellation fee, please notate that the payment is for a cancellation fee and provide the appropriate order number. The fee will be in the same currency as the order, thus you can only use PayPal for fees in USD.

In the event there are issues with your order, you must agree to go through our dispute process and not contest it through Paypal directly.