Privacy Policy

To participate in any Auction and/or purchase any Inventory, you must submit any information requested via the Site or by B-Stock or Select Mobile Auctions.

B-Stock Solutions: B-Stock Solutions is hosting the Site and managing the transactions that occur and will have access to your information. B-Stock may use your information for its own business purposes and share such information in all manners permitted under its privacy policy with its vendors from whom you buy products via the Site, and its service providers and/or partners who require such information to ensure successful fulfillment of any purchases you make on the Site.

Select Mobile Auctions Privacy Policy:

Each Party acknowledges that by reason of its relationship to the other Party hereunder it will have access to certain information and materials concerning the other Party’s business that are confidential and of substantial value to the other Party, which value would be impaired if such information were disclosed to third parties. In particular, the Parties hereto acknowledge that the information regarding the Purchase Price and any particular sale are confidential to Samsung. Each Party will, and will cause its affiliates and employees to, protect and not disclose information that is considered confidential and use this information only to fulfill its obligations under these Terms. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Buyer understands that Samsung will have access to confidential information pertaining to the Buyer. Buyer may not make any public announcement about these Terms without Samsung’ prior written approval and consent. Notwithstanding anything in this Section 6.1 to the contrary, any information (i) already in the public domain through no fault of the receiving party, (ii) independently developed by the recipient without the use of or access to the other Party's confidential information, or (iii) released to the public through no action or inaction by the receiving party, will not be considered confidential information hereunder. The receiving party may disclose the disclosing party's confidential information upon the order of any court of competent jurisdiction or as otherwise required by law or legal process, provided that prior to such disclosure the receiving party shall inform the disclosing party of such order, if permitted by law, in order to provide the disclosing party with an opportunity to contest such order or to seek such other protective action as the disclosing party may elect. This Section 6 shall survive each purchase transaction hereunder. Immediately upon the demand of disclosing party, receiving party shall destroy disclosing party’s Confidential Information (and any and all permitted copies thereof) and certify such destruction to the disclosing party.