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5 ways to offset loss for excess inventory and protect your brand

See how you can maximize your recovery rate through access to a diversified buyer base of hundreds of thousands of buyers, bidding on your inventory through our auction platform to deliver 30% higher recovery for your excess or returned inventory. 

The flipbook looks at:

  • Recommerce trends and strategies 
  • How to ensure brand and channel control 
  • The importance of establishing a consistent sales cycle 
  • Leveraging online marketplaces to boost efficiency and pricing

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With the rise of online shopping, the problem of maximizing your recovery rate on excess and returned inventory is increasingly vital to your business.

Who is B-Stock? 

B-Stock operates the world’s largest B2B marketplace for returned, excess, and liquidation merchandise. 9 out of the top 10 retailers and manufacturers are moving more inventory through B2B channels for resale on the secondary market and realizing higher recovery rates than their legacy secondary market channels.  B-Stock's large and diverse buyer base ensures your merchandise will deliver the highest returns to your bottom line and convert your so merchandise manifest to cashflow fast.