Buyers are responsible for paying the calculated “Shipping Cost” displayed on the auction page. This cost is based on the preferred address on your account, and does not include fees associated with residential delivery or unloading of the truck. Buyers may not arrange their own shipping.

A CH Robinson representative will contact you within 2 business days of your payment being received to schedule delivery. Please be prepared to accept your shipment after receiving that communication. You will receive an “Order Shipped” notification after the shipment has left the facility.

You will be responsible for all shipping costs related to the delivery of inventory to you, including unloading all trucks, and any applicable storage or other costs assessed by such carrier in the event of such carrier’s inability to deliver such Inventory to you. Unloading/lumper fees, if any, are the responsibility of the buyer. You may not arrange for your own shipping.

Please Note: CH Robinson will handle shipping on all orders. If you are an international buyer that is located outside of the United States, you must first ship to a US address before exporting.