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Download our Holiday Returns Playbook

This holiday season is expected to see up to $100 billion worth of returns. If you're a retailer or brand, you need a recovery plan, and putting items back on the shelf isn't always practical.

Who is B-Stock? 

B-Stock operates the world’s largest B2B marketplace for returned and excess inventory. We connect some of the largest retailers and leading manufacturers to thousands of business buyers all over the globe. By partnering with B-Stock, these brands are able to attain the highest recovery rates possible for secondary-market merchandise across all categories, conditions, geographies, and quantities.

Download our Holiday Playbook and find out how you can recover from holiday returns with a private, online-auction B2B marketplace, which provides 30-80% higher recovery through:

  • Higher recovery
  • Operational efficiency 
  • A diversified buyer base 
  • Channel and brand control

Download our Holiday Returns Playbook

Learn how retailers such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, Unilever, Revlon, and Reckitt Benkiser move their excess inventory at higher prices compared to traditional methods of liquidation.