What Qualifies for Mediation on Supply?

  • The inventory received does not match the auction listing in terms of:quantity, condition, or specified type/model when supported by the auction listing details, and the seller or B-Stock is at fault.
  • The seller doesn’t produce the inventory within a reasonable amount of time after the buyer receives receipt of winning bid
  • The claim/report is made within 2 days of delivery to the buyer at their address of record. (Disputes on orders shipped internationally are only allowed if the seller did not preclude international shipping in the auction listing and the dispute is filed within 2 days of delivery to the international address on record)
  • The claim is supported by sufficient evidence.


Additional Disclaimers:

Regardless of shipping timeframe, all auctions and the possibility of filing a dispute will be closed 6 weeks after the date of payment.

As an exception to the 6 week timeframe, claims associated with stolen inventory are allowed up to 90 days after the auction was sold.

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