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Consolidated Shipping with SEKO Logistics

Consolidated shipping is now available through SEKO Logistics on Crazy Clearance Auctions, SerCom Solutions Auctions and Unilever Europe Trade Auctions. When you buy multiple auctions from the same seller location within a 48 hour time period and those orders are processed as paid at the same time.

Consolidation of order shipment is not guaranteed and is only available for orders won and paid for at the same time from the same seller location. Due to operational constraints, orders paid at different times or coming from different locations/vendors are not eligible for consolidation. You will always need to pay for each auction completely, including shipping. Any credit will be refunded once an order is delivered.

Credits can take up to 30 days to fully process after the order(s) have been delivered to you. Please note that until we receive confirmation from our logistics partners we are unable to advise on the status or amount of the potential credit.