The summer season is upon us and shoppers want inventory to keep homes and workplaces clean and sanitized.

Stock up on hand sanitizer from Essendant Liquidation Auctions, and receive a refund based on your purchase. Win your bid on any hand sanitizer auction and Essendant Liquidation Auctions will credit you based on your pallet size. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity!

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How It Works


Event Overview


  • Offer only applies to hand sanitizer auctions.  

  • Promotion will run from 5/19/22 through 6/16/22.

  • Credit will be applied to your account in USD via credit by 6/23/22. 

  • Credit will be applied in USD and can only be used on auctions that process payment in USD. 

Essendant Liquidation Auctions Wants to Reward You!