Shipping & Invoicing


Auctions on Currys PC World Auctions have fixed-price shipping included from their Binding Carrier. The shipping charge to your shipping address on file is displayed on the auction detail page. You can change the shipping address information to update the freight cost.

This cost will be charged in addition to your winning bid amount, and the total order amount must be paid in full. After payment is confirmed, a representative from Currys PC World Auctions' Binding Carrier will coordinate delivery details with you. Once payment is made, the address on file will be used for shipping. Changing your address AFTER making payment may delay delivery of your goods AND may generate reconsignment fees requiring additional wiring of funds. Buyer understands and agrees that shipments will be governed by BIFA terms, inclusive of BIFA limits of liability (2SDRs per kilo).

Truckloads will be palletized and Buyers are responsible for unloading all trucks. The unloading location of your order has to have a loading dock or forklift in order to unload the goods, as not every carrier truck is guaranteed to have a forklift. Unloading fees, if any, are the responsibility of the buyer. You will be responsible for all shipping costs related to the delivery of any purchased Inventory to you, including any applicable storage or other costs assessed by such carrier in the event of such carrier's inability to deliver such Inventory to you.

  • Buyers must have a loading dock or ability to unload by forklift in order to bid on this auction.
  • Buyers must plan for appropriate warehouse staffing to unload the trailer after arrival.
  • Detention fees will be applied starting 2 hours from driver's arrival.

Please ensure the correct shipping address is selected prior to submitting payment. If you need to change your address, please do this on your order page, prior to payment.

Please note: The binding shipping cost does not include shipment insurance. Due to the higher value of these items, buyers are strongly encouraged to purchase added shipment insurance through their own preferred insurance company.


The seller is utilizing Fiscal IOR Europe Limited as a sales agent for all orders on this marketplace. Fiscal IOR Europe Limited will facilitate each transaction and will be listed as the Seller of Record on your VAT invoice.

Note: VAT invoices will reflect the BILLING ADDRESS information selected for your account. Buyers will need to ensure the billing and shipping address information is correct prior to remitting payment for an order. VAT invoices cannot be updated after they have been generated.

This invoice will be sent to you via email, along with all shipping documentation, once you have submitted payment and the order is ready for pickup & delivery.

If you have questions about this process, please contact prior to placing a bid.