Costco Auction Truckload Discount Savings

Costco Truckload Discount

In order to maintain constant inventory flow, Costco runs many auctions closing on each day. To allow you an opportunity to save shipping when you win multiple lots, we are offering a Truckload Discount Savings program.

When you buy 20 pallets or more from the same facility within a 48 hour time period and the orders are processed as paid the same day, you may qualify for a single truckload delivery. This means you may be credited the difference between the total shipping proceeds and the applicable truckload rate for your location. If your auctions are eligible for consolidation and result in a reduced ship cost, credits will be provided after delivery to ensure accuracy.

See below for a recent example of 7 lots (21 pallets) shipped from Monroe Township, NJ to Columbus, OH:

Original Shipping Costs:

PalletsLTL Fee
6 $631.60
4 $437.26
4 $440.61
2 $271.94
1 $188.85
2 $192.63
1 $162.84
21 Total $2,325.73

* Offer ends once trailer reaches full capacity

Consolidated Shipping Costs:

Truckload Rate $822.68
Consolidation Fee $630.00
Total Consolidation Pricing $1,452.68

* Consolidation fees vary by Costco location from $25-35 per pallet.

In this example, amount to be Credited Back to Buyer's Account after consolidation: $873.05


Your savings may vary. Past savings have ranged from $50 to $2,000.

Note: This program is applicable only on Costco Liquidation Auction site, and lots can ONLY be consolidated from a single Costco location. Consolidation of eligible auctions is not guaranteed. Even if auctions are consolidated, a reduced ship cost is also not guaranteed.


Email [email protected] if you’d like a specific estimate for your business.